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"half million babies slaughtered"

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Pro Choice or Pro Life? Well, is there between? We shouldn't have some law forcing against "our will", but also we shouldn't take away someone's life-especially a human baby that can't make a choice. I believe that is an issue that is causing division in our nation, which I feel people are fighting each other on an issue that is miscommunicated-we are fighting over a misunderstanding issue.

I have a friend of mine who was about to be aborted, but his life was "spared" and was adopted. How many people out there have a similar story?

""When you help the Hebrew women give birth, kill all the boys as soon as they are born. Allow only the baby girls to live.""-Exodus 1:16

The Genocide Awarenesss Project (Part 1)

""Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be black." --Erma Clardy Craven (deceased) Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader THE ORIGINAL VIDEO IS HERE: For Crisis Pregnancy assistance nationwide, call (800) 848-5683 or visit: online Abortion Breast Cancer Every day in the United States, 1,452 African-American children are violently executed...before they're ever born. The "Say-So" March is designed to draw annual attention to this shocking reality. Beginning in Newark, New Jersey and concluding two-days later on the steps of the Supreme Court, the "Say-So" March gives visual representation to the devastating impact abortion is having on the black community. Along the way, marchers have an opportunity to educate the communities they pass through as they carry graphic, 13-foot signs depicting both the historic mistreatment of born


, and the current mistreatment of unborn African-Americans. Black Americans represent 9% of the U.S. population (down from 12% in 1973, when abortion was legalized), yet 44% of all abortions are by Black Americans. (Planned Parenthood- Alan Guttmacher Institute, and the U.S. Center for Health Statistics), 1987) Mississippi State Rep. Hillman Terome Frazier explains this situation as a "lack of information", (Black Americans for Life Newsletter, Spring, 1990, p1). A 1993 study done by Howard University showed that African American mothers over age 50 were 4.7 times more likely to develop breast cancer if they had had any abortions compared to mothers who did not have an abortion. The study, as published in the Journal of the National Medical Association, established that mothers with at least one induced abortion have a consistently higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who had had no abortion. The study recognizes that this issue is "still highly controversial"; however, "our results indicate that induced abortions may significantly increase the risk of breast cancer in Black women...", (Journal of the National Association 85:931-939). Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched. However, between 1973 and 1998 over 12 million Black children have been exterminated through surgical abortions. IT'S TIME TO STOP THE GENOCIDE!! (based on statistics from "Choice-A Threat to Racial Reconciliation" L.E.A.R.N. Conference 1998 pamphlet). "Yesterday they snatched babies from our arms and sold them into slavery, today they snatch them from our womb and throw them in the garbage." (Dr. Dolores Bernadette Grier, Vice Chancellor Community Relations, Archdiocese of New York) With 1/3 of all abortions performed to dispose of African American children, the U.S. abortion industry has received over $30,000,000,000 (yes, billion) from the Black community over the last 2 years. What if instead of paying for services to discard these children (including, over 40% of the time, a least one of their pre-born brother or sisters) into the garbage can, these billions have been invested into helping these children live and their families...? (African American Life Alliance) But you say you're "PRO-CHOICE"!!! There is a perception in the African American community, especially by many of our leaders that access to legal abortion is a right that must be protected regardless of the moral implications. Well, for us there was a time when we suffered under a legal right that was morally wrong. In the late 1800's, a "pro-choice" position supported the continuation of the legally-protected right to own slaves. Slavery was morally wrong even though it was legal and those who stood by and did nothing equally << less"

  • Abortion Survivor: Sarah Smith, from
  • Abortion Survivor-Testimonies, from
  • Personal Perspective

    My personal stance on this issues (became more big for me after someone told me he was "pro-choice" during the 2004 Elections on "moral issues")is close to my heart. I work at a group home of 8 developmentally disabled adults, I don't know each of their exact stories. However, I love them as a family member. After working here for 5+ years and going since 1999, I can't see why any mother would want to have abortion due to any medical conditions...

    "Since statistics show that nine out of ten babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted, the numbers of perfectly healthy babies being aborted are incredibly high. Conservatively, at least one of these nine who abort would have delivered a healthy child."-"When a Pregnancy Test Shows Down Syndrome"-from Focus on the Family

    A baby should not be killed because of a physical ailment or a medical condition. God probably lets this happen, so people like me who works with them will be touched in many ways (see personal group home story)

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  • Decline in Down Syndrome Tied to Abortion by Keith Peters, Washington, D.C., correspondent, Focus on the Family (October 10, 2003)
  • Test cuts Down's syndrome false alarms, from BBC News (Monday, 16 August, 1999, 10:53 GMT 11:53 UK)
  • Indirect Story

    Last evening (Sunday, October 7th of 2007), I was talking to a friend of her past abortions. She literally told me that she would have sex all the time and would get abortions to make money (1000 nevas in Canada!). It would help buy her food, clothing, and shelter. I decided to research more on this...

    -Health Effects:
    Coalition of Abortion/Breast Cancer
    "Planned Parenthood is enthusiastic about OTC sales because the British experience shows that, by making the drug widely available, abortion sales increased (and so did sexually transmitted diseases, especially among adolescents).
    Planned Parenthood is not in the business of selling Plan B, so it can sell fewer abortions. When Plan B "fails" to prevent either conception or implantation, young women will seek surgical abortions. Money is what drives this business."

    The Effects of Abortion Including Known Complications, from
    "Effects on Women's Biological Health - Immediate
    Complications You can have With your abortion A complete list and description of physical complications of abortion
    Maternal Deaths and Long Term Complications: A complete collection of statistics, quotes, and medical evidence.

    Double Murder for Pregnant Woman?

    This evening (Sunday, November 7th of 2009), I was chatting with a friend on the abortion issue after we saw a graffiti sign-"Abortion kills babies" on a public sidewalk. She then raised the infamous question.."How is killing a pregnant woman double murder?"...

  • Abortion argument leads to murder of pregnant woman Posted: Sep 27, 2009 8:55 PM CDT

  • "..Ingram says Nelson's intent to kill the child was obvious by her wounds.
    "It looked like he was intent on killing both of them," he said.
    Detectives agree. Nelson will be charged with double murder.
    "I think it should be a double homicide, the baby was ready to come," Ingram said...

    Is Killing Pregnant Woman a Double Murder? March 24
    ".. Federal lawmakers are considering a controversial bill that would make it a crime to injure or kill a fetus during the commission of a federal violent crime against a pregnant woman.
    The bill, which sponsors are calling "Laci and Connor's law" is backed by Sharon Rocha, the mother of Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant when she was slain in California in 2002. Scott Peterson, her widower, is being charged both with Laci's slaying, and the slaying of their unborn son, Connor, because California is one of 29 states with so-called fetal homicide laws. ..

  • Top Cause of Death for Pregnant Women is Murder Posted by Brett Singer ,

  • "..Here's where it gets tricky. Clearly killing a pregnant woman is a horrible crime. And doing so beacuse you want to end her pregnancy is even more horrible. But is it a double murder? If it is, doesn't that open a door to equating abortion with murder?
    No matter what, this is a very depressing statistic.
    Source: ..

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    Feed Fundraiser
    Assumption Catholic Church: Dinning Hall (basement)
    Saturday, October 5th of 2008 @5:0p-7pm

    "Catered Banquet Sunday evening - 5pm at the Catholic Church fellowship hall Bello Cucina is cating a banquest fundraiser for the Morris Life Care Pregnancy Center! Theresa Fisher is the director, the food will be delicious, the cause is wonderful, and the cost is -- a freewill offering."

    Life Care Pregnancy Center marks 10th anniversary of helping area’s young mothers Morris Sun Tribune Published Saturday, October 06, 2007
    "Since the Morris Life Care Pregnancy Center first opened its doors one decade ago, it has experienced plenty of significant milestones in its growth and expansion.
    But, for the people who volunteer, support and sustain the organization, the only moments that ever really mattered involve the women who have been helped along the way.
    To mark the anniversay, the center is holding a dinner today (Oct. 6) from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Assumption Church Fellowship Hall. The public is invited and free-will offering will be taken.
    Bonnie Wall, who has served as Director for the Center since 2001, said the center's primary purpose is to provide support, friendship and practical assistance to girls and women who find themselves in an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy.
    “Our basic premise and our mission is helping women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy situation,” Wall said. “And helping not only themselves but their family, their boyfriend, their friends, to accept the decision they want to make concerning their situation, whether they will choose to parent or put the child up for adoption.”
    According to Wall, for women of any age an unexpected pregnancy can be one of the most exciting or one of the most frightening experiences of their lives. Coming to terms with a decision regarding how to handle the next steps in their lives can be a time of great inner conflict, and the process of making that decision is one that a woman should not have to walk through alone.
    This is where supporters and volunteers of the Center see themselves as keys. They work to provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment to any woman who thinks or knows she is pregnant. They offer information and options that will help women understand that they can walk successfully through their pregnancy and into the next stage of life, Wall said.
    “The decision is really theirs,” said Wall. “But, once they decide to keep that child, from that point on it is about caring for the child. Whether they decide to raise the child or put them up for adoption, we are going to help them with that.”
    Support services through the center are free and confidential. The center provides free pregnancy tests, individual pregnancy counseling, pregnancy education, new born education, as well as chastity and sexual disease counseling. They also provide practical assistance in the form of material goods, as well as referrals for medical, housing, financial and educational needs.
    According to Wall, the center has a strong referral network. If a woman is in need of a place to live, they connect her with a county HRA. If she has insurance needs, they might connect her to Stevens County Human Services. If she needs a job, they refer her to CEP.
    “We don’t do everything,” Wall said. “If there’s an agency or organization or school that already exists and it is something they need to do, we will refer them to that. We also have several agencies that we work with if they decide for adoption.”
    Folded into the Center’s mission of providing for women’s practical and emotional needs is a strong emphasis on helping them gain a strong sense of independence and ownership of their lives and in the care of their child.
    “We try and teach people to be self-sufficient,” Wall said. “How do you actually take care of this child?”
    One program they offer women to help them grow as an individual through the process of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood is an “Earn While You Learn” program. The “Earn While You Learn” is a curriculum that contains 45 lessons in nine modules that take women from early pregnancy to three months after the baby is born.
    The curriculum covers pregnancy, postpartum care, the developing pre-born, the emotional needs and physical care of a newborn, first aid and more. Women who go through these lessons earn what the center calls “Mommy Money,” which they can use to purchase items in the center’s store.
    “We have anything and everything you would actually need to bring that child up,” said Wall.
    Items in the store include high chairs, bassinets, shoes, bottles, formula, diapers, and more. While these items are available free of charge to any woman with a need, according to Wall, some women prefer to feel that they are investing in their personal development and like the idea of earning the things they need to care for their child.
    “The center does not purchase any of the items in the store,” Wall said. “Everything we give to women has been donated brand new or gently used.”
    According to Wall, there are several people in the community who have adopted the center. These people go to rummage sales, clearance sales, or just shop for items to donate because they love to buy things for babies and want to help support mothers with need.
    “Every now and then I find a box or bag by the door and I know it has come from one of them,” Wall said. “We even have one lady who crochets a scarf for each one of our babies when they’re born.”
    This sort of grass roots support and loyalty has been integral to the center’s operation from the beginning. The center’s origins stretch back to the mid 1990s when a group of people got together to determine whether or not the area needed a pregnancy center. The group operated largely out of the living room of one community individual for quite some time before they officially organized.
    “They didn’t actually open in an office form until 1997,” said Wall.
    “It was a very bare bones operation,” said Mary Odegaard, who served as the first Director of the Center from 1997 to 1999. “We had a few office hours, some volunteers, and an answering machine.”
    But according to Odegaard, the biggest challenge in the early days was less about location and resources and more about getting the word out about who they were and how they wanted to be a positive resource for women.
    “It was getting a reputation in town as someone who would not judge and would give choices, Odegaard said.” “As we grew and as girls and families began to use the services we had grandparents coming in looking for services for grandkids. We had parents, we had college kids - both for pregnancy tests or just to talk and to plan.”
    Odegaard defines the major milestone for the center as not a specific moment or event, but rather a period of time where many in the community began to recognize the center as a resource.
    “I think the major milestone was when we became a community resource that the community was using,” she said. “When the majority of our referrals became word of mouth referrals or reputation referrals. That’s when we knew we were going somewhere when we had people bringing their friends in.”
    For Odegaard, this was particularly important because, to her, one of the underpinnings of the center is its desire to be a safe place for women to come and receive support and be treated like “thinking people.”
    “We do not get resistance from women who are looking for someone to listen to them and respect them,” she said. “We give them information, offer them resources, and are a helping hand. We respect them enough as an adult to treat them like thinking individuals.”
    Since 1997, the center has had three locations in Morris prior to settling at their current location in the Theatre Arcade Building, where they have been since January 2004. For Bonnie Wall, this represents another major milestone.
    “When we came into this building, we shifted,” said Wall. “For the first time in the history of the pregnancy center all of the materials are under one roof.”

    Past Events:

    Walk for Life!
    Sunday, April 25th @2pm

    Who? Morris Life Care Pregnancy Center: Single/Married Women of all ages Where? 601 1/2 California Ave. (moved to Morris Theatre Arcade Building) When? M-F Contact: Bonnie Wall 320.589.0300/ 1.800.285.0712



  • College magazine’s report calls Planned Parenthood racist Employees willing to take donations from callers targeting black babies by Lori Arnold (Published by Minnesota Christian Chronicle — April 2008)

  • " LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Planned Parenthood clinics in several states said they would accept contributions earmarked only for abortions targeting African American babies, according to a college journalist who posed undercover as a racist donor.
    The investigation and its subsequent articles were published in “The Advocate,” a quarterly alternative magazine published by Live Action, pro-life student organization at the University of California, Los Angeles. About 4,500 copies of the magazine were distributed campuswide.
    Lila Rose, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, said her colleague James O’Keefe contacted seven Planned Parenthood clinics, all in different states. Audios of two of the phone conversations, one placed in Idaho, the other in Ohio, have been made public in video form and are posed on YouTube, an Internet video hub. Rose said officials at all seven clinics indicated a willingness to accept the money even though the caller intimated he wanted the money used to prevent the births of African American babies.
    “No state hung up the phone,” the college sophomore said. “It was shocking the way some of the employees completely disregarded the blatantly racist comments. They way they were willing to accept the donations.”
    Rose said the YouTube videos attracted 80,000 views in the first two weeks they were posted online. She said they planned to release the other videos in the coming weeks.
    In the audio involving the Idaho clinic, the male caller was specific about his intent with the proposed donation, telling the clinic employee he was against affirmative action and didn’t want his kids to be “disadvantaged against black kids” when enrolling in college.
    “And we don’t, you know we just think, the less black kids out there the better,” the donor told the employee.
    The Planned Parenthood representative responded to his comments by saying, “Understandable, understandable.”
    On Feb. 28, Rebecca Poedy, CEO of Planned Parenthood, issued an apology for the employee’s actions.
    “A fundraising employee violated the organization’s principles and practices when she appeared to be willing to accept a racially motivated donation,” her statement read. “This employee made a serious mistake.
    “We apologize for the manner in which this offensive call was handled. We take full responsibility for the actions of the fundraising staff member who created the impression that racism of any form would be tolerated at Planned Parenthood.”
    The clinic did not specify what, if any, disciplinary action was taken, but did chastise the students for their “deceptive tactics to smear Planned Parenthood.”
    ‘Black genocide’
    Rose made national headlines last year when she went undercover and exposed a Planned Parenthood official coaching her how to avoid state-mandated statutory rape reporting laws. In that case, Rose posed as a 15-year-old who was impregnated by her 23-year-old boyfriend.
    This time, Rose said the publication decided to go undercover after hearing of possible “black genocide” cases at the clinics. She cited the work of the Rev. Clenard Howard Childress Jr., founder of a movement and Web site, called Black Genocide.
    Research, Rose said, led her to discover that Margaret Sanger, the founder of a birth control organization that eventually became Planned Parenthood, was a supporter of eugenics. She also cited Black Genocide statistics showing that most Planned Parenthood clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.
    “We wanted to investigate if, and how, this black genocide is alive and well,” she said. “Since its founding Planned Parenthood has been targeting minorities and still is targeting minorities. It’s not surprising because this is an organization that is blatantly, efficiently, devastating the African American community.”
    Support from a King
    Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., praised Rose and her colleagues for exposing Planned Parenthood and has endorsed an upcoming Live Action campaign to get UCLA to sever its ties with Planned Parenthood. King is a national writer and author who has been critical of Planned Parenthood and the widespread availability of abortions, especially in the African American community.
    “It’s effective, it’s accurate, it’s true,” King said of the Advocate’s story.
    She said Rose has become a well-respected voice for the unborn.
    “I’m so proud of her,” King said. “I’m so excited young people have the courage and the desire to tell the truth and defend the rights of those unborn black babies … They have a need and a want to explore and investigate the truth.”
    King, who acknowledged that it’s not easy to speak out against Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, lauded Rose for her fearless campaign.
    “The worst thing they (Planned Parenthood) could do to me they already did,” she said. “They convinced me in 1973 that my baby was a blob of tissue and it was OK to abort it.”
    Prompting dialogue
    Rose said although administration officials have been lukewarm to the work of The Advocate, she has seen little resistance on campus.
    “I’ve only encouraged a few hostile students,” she said. “Most students want to hear about it. It encourages them to do their own research and it opens up a dialogue, which is what we are trying to do.
    “A lot of students want to know more. They don’t want to be fed lies or propaganda from anyone.”
    Rose said she hopes the story and videos will help to reverse the ease of access to abortion nationwide and lead to new policy initiatives.
    “They are using abortion as a solution for problems in the community,” she said. “We can do better than that, better than using abortion.
    King agreed, saying continued exposure will shed the light on an industry that is making millions off of the deaths of the unborn.
    “We have to pray, we have to speak truth and we have to reveal the truth,” said King, founder of the King for America ministry.
    Rose said she’s confident other young people will catch the vision.
    “There are hundreds and thousands of pro-life college students out there who are passionate and brave and intelligent, and we can work together to get the message out,” she said.
    “This is an organization that receives hundreds of millions in taxpayer money. They are classified as a non-profit. They need to be stopped. They need to be held accountable for their actions.”
    For more information about Live Action or to see an online edition of their magazine, visit or go to and search for “UCLA advocate racism.” "

    Planned Parenthood Racism Investigation by UCLA Law Student

    "Planned Parenthood of both Idaho and Ohio accepts money from a donor who openly shares his racist agenda to "lower the number of Blacks in America.""


    -Unborn Death Ruled As Murder

  • Apple Valley husband charged in death of woman, unborn baby, [March 11, 2013]

  • "... Mar 11, 2013 (Pioneer Press - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- An Apple Valley man is charged with murder after prosecutors say he killed his wife and her unborn child. ....


  • Silent No More Minnesota, post abortion resources too!
  • Stats

  • Number of abortions in state drops- Abortions performed on minors dropped 10 percent in 2009 by Scott Noble

  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA.Info

  • Abortion Facts, (e.g. what about rape victim? )fetal development
  • Abortion Resources, from Focus on the family
  • 30 Years of Roe v. Wade: Death, Deceit, Depression, from Leader U

  • *"From the parade of studies showing an increase in breast cancer rates to the proliferation of depression and suicide among post-abortive women, the interests of women seem to be negated, rather than ensured, by abortion-on-demand."


    PEPSI CO. Using Aborted Fetal Cells To Research/Produce Flavor Enhancers

  • Biotech company using cell lines from aborted babies in food enhancement testing by Rebecca Millette * Tue Mar 29, 2011 09:38 EST

  • "LARGO, Florida, March 29, 2011 ( – Pepsico, Kraft Foods, and Nestlé are among the corporations partnered with a biotech company found using aborted fetal cell lines to test food flavor enhancers, according to a pro-life watchdog group.
    The internationally recognized biotech company, Senomyx, boasts innovation and success in “flavour programs” designed to reduce MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products. Senomyx notes their collaborators provide them research and development funding plus royalties on sales of products using their flavor ingredients.
    Pro-life watchdog group, Children of God for Life (CGL), has called upon the public to target the major corporations in a boycott, unless the company ceases to use aborted fetal cell lines in their product testing.
    “Using isolated human taste receptors,” the Senomyx website claims, “we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”
    “What they do not tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors,” stated Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director for CGL, the watch dog group that has been monitoring the use of aborted fetal material in medical products and cosmetics for years.
    “They could have easily chosen COS (monkey) cells, Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, insect cells or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors,” Vinnedge added.
    Responses from major corporations to CGL’s letter campaign succeeded in warning the pro-life watchdog that these companies would need significant public pressure to admit involvement in and convince them of the need to change Senomyx’s unethical testing methods.
    After three letters, Nestlé finally admitted the truth about their relationship with Senomyx, noting the cell line was “well established in scientific research”.
    Pepsico wrote: “We hope you are reassured to learn that our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers. This will help us achieve our commitment to reduce added sugar per serving by 25% in key brands in key markets over the next decade and ultimately help people live healthier lives.”
    “If enough people voice their outrage and intent to boycott these consumer products, it can be highly effective in convincing Senomyx to change their methods”, Vinnedge noted. “Otherwise, we will be buying Coca-Cola, Lipton soups and Hershey products!”
    Note: This article originally stated, based on information provided by CGL, that Solae and Campbell soup were also partnered with Senomyx. However, LSN has since learned that while both companies were in the past partnered with Senomyx, they no longer have a relationship with the company."


    Planned Parenthood Exposed (Exposed!)

    "This is an exposé on YouTube's banning of the Planned Parenehood Exposed video! "



    Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)

    "Uploaded by LaneCh on Oct 8, 2008
    From Vorthos Forum ( ):
    "Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood's so-called "Negro Project" is alive and well as the most pro-abortion candidate in American history promises to not only protect Roe v. Wade but to use the presidency and his judicial appointments to push an even more radical social agenda."
    Subscribe to Vorthos Forum for some great future videos. "



    =>Unborn Death Charged as Murder

  • Pregnant woman, 32, charged with manslaughter after unborn baby dies in DUI crash By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED:00:17 EST, 7 November 2012| UPDATED: 00:51 EST, 7 November 2012

  • "A young mother has been indicted in the death of her unborn child for allegedly driving under the influence in the crash that ultimately killed him .....
  • How Does The Law Determine When The Unborn Become “Persons”? Posted on January 8, 2013

  • " I’ve been doing some thinking lately about personhood in regards to the unborn. It seems the law has a double standard on this issue. When it comes to abortion, the law does not recognize the child as a person and therefore it is legal to terminate the pregnancy. When it comes to a man murdering a pregnant woman, the child miraculously becomes a person and the man is charged with double homicide.
    Who defines which child is person and which is not? If a woman has the legal right to end the life of her child at any time and for any reason, Why is it considered double murder when a pregnant woman is killed? According to pro-abortion advocates, the fetus is not a person, is nothing but a blob of tissue, or a “product of conception.

    I’ve been doing some thinking lately about personhood in regards to the unborn. It seems the law has a double standard on this issue. When it comes to abortion, the law does not recognize the child as a person and therefore it is legal to terminate the pregnancy. When it comes to a man murdering a pregnant woman, the child miraculously becomes a person and the man is charged with double homicide.

    Who defines which child is person and which is not? If a woman has the legal right to end the life of her child at any time and for any reason, Why is it considered double murder when a pregnant woman is killed? According to pro-abortion advocates, the fetus is not a person, is nothing but a blob of tissue, or a “product of conception"...

    -Legal Cases

  • Doctor loses license in live birth abortion case, updated 6:56 p.m. EST, Fri February 6, 2009 ( Kim Segal CNN

  • "MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- A doctor's license was revoked Friday in the case of a teenager who planned to have an abortion but instead gave birth to a baby she says was killed when clinic staffers put it into a plastic bag and threw it in the trash.
    The doctor, Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique, also is the subject of a criminal investigation. Renelique was not present when the baby was born, but the Florida Medical Board upheld Department of Health allegations that he falsified medical records, inappropriately delegated tasks to unlicensed personnel and committed malpractice.
    Joseph Harrison, the attorney representing Renelique at the license revocation hearing in Tampa, said Renelique has not decided whether to appeal. The state attorney's office, meanwhile, said its criminal investigation into the incident is ongoing and no charges have been filed. A fetus born alive cannot be put to death even if its mother intended to have an abortion, police said when the incident occurred in 2006.
    The baby's mother, Sycloria Williams, sued Renelique, the clinic and its staff in January, seeking damages.
    She alleges in her suit that "she witnessed the murder of her daughter" and said she "sustained severe emotional distress, shock and psychic trauma which have resulted in discernible bodily injury."
    "This is not about a pot of gold," said Tom Pennekamp, her attorney. "What this is about is right and wrong and making a statement, making sure it doesn't happen to other young women."
    According to the suit, Williams, then 18, discovered while being treated for a fall that she was 23 weeks pregnant. She went to a clinic to get an abortion on the morning of July 20, 2006, after receiving medication and instructions the previous day.
    Renelique was not at the clinic, however, and Williams was told to wait for him. She was given two pills and told they would make her ill. When she complained of feeling ill, clinic staff members gave her a robe and told her to lie down in a patient room, the suit says.
    Renelique was still not present when Williams "felt a large pain" and delivered a baby girl, according to the suit.
    "The staff began screaming and pandemonium ensued. Sycloria watched in horror and shock as her baby writhed with her chest rising and falling as she breathed." Don't Miss
    A clinic co-owner entered the room and used a pair of shears to cut the baby's umbilical cord, the suit said. She "then scooped up the baby and placed the live baby, placenta and afterbirth in a red plastic biohazard bag, which she sealed, and then threw bag and the baby in a trash can."
    Staff at the clinic did not call 911 or seek medical assistance for Williams or the baby, the suit said.
    Renelique arrived at the clinic about an hour later and gave Williams a shot to put her to sleep. "She awoke after the procedure and was sent home still in complete shock," the suit said.
    Police were notified of the incident by an anonymous caller who told them the baby was born alive and disposed of.
    "The complainant [Williams] observed the baby moving and gasping for air for approximately five minutes," according to a police affidavit requesting a search warrant for the clinic.
    Two search warrants found nothing, but officers executing a third warrant "found the decomposing body of a baby in a cardboard box in a closet," the suit said.
    The baby was linked to Williams through DNA testing, the lawsuit said. An autopsy showed it had filled its lungs with air prior to death. Documents from the state Department of Health said its cause of death was determined to be "extreme prematurity."
    Fewer than 1 percent of babies are born at less than 28 weeks, according to the March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization aimed at reducing premature births, birth defects and infant mortality.
    Infants born at that stage may survive, but require treatment with oxygen, other medical help and mechanical assistance to help them breathe. They are too immature to suck or swallow and so must be fed intravenously.
    Babies born before about 32 weeks of gestation face the highest risk of health problems, the March of Dimes said.
    Williams' lawsuit seeks damages from Renelique, the clinic and its staff. It claims that clinic records were falsified to say only that Williams underwent an abortion. Williams filed the suit individually and "as personal representative of the estate of Shanice Denise Osbourne, deceased," the suit said.
    The medical board's action Friday came at the request of the Florida Department of Health, which filed an order in February 2007 seeking emergency restrictions on Renelique's license. Department documents list many of the same allegations as Williams' lawsuit.
    "Dr. Renelique's failure to practice medicine with that level of care, skill and treatment that is recognized as being acceptable, as well as his willingness to falsify medical records, poses a serious and immediate danger to the public," the health department said.
    Renelique did not respond to the health department or dispute the facts it alleged, department spokeswoman Eulinda Jackson said Friday.
    Williams has declined to speak publicly about the case, said Pennekamp, her attorney. She suffers from post-traumatic stress because of the experience, he said."



    Man visits Heaven and meets God ! - (Part 2)

    "Earthquake Kelley's account of his visit to Heaven after being medically pronounced dead in December, 2004"


    Our Daily Bread (Jan.17) - Respect For Life

    "In Psalm 139, David describes God as fashioning his tiny body together in the darkness of his mothers womb. God loved David before he ever existed.
    God designed the person David was to be, and He brought that person into being according to His predetermined plan. In this psalm, David used the intriguing metaphor of a journal in which God first wrote His plan and then brought that plan into fruition through His handiwork in the womb: Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written (v.16).
    Put another way, David was shaped by his heavenly Fathers love into a unique creation. He came from the inventive heart and hand of God. What was true of David is true of you. You are special—along with everyone else in the world.
    This being true, we must be pro-life in the purest sense of the word. We are to respect and cherish all human life: the born and those still in the womb; winsome children and weary seniors; the wealthy executive and the financially destitute. All persons are unique productions of our Creators genius. With David, lets exclaim: I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made (139:14). — David H. Roper
    By Gods wise designing
    We are wonderfully made,
    Every part essential
    And in perfect balance laid. —Anon.
    All life is created by God and bears His autograph.
    All life is created by God and bears His autograph. "

    *see Bible


    Chris Matthews Gets "Hardballed"

    "Published on Apr 2, 2012 by ProLifeModerate Canon 915: priests must obey it and when they don't the faithful will not and must not remain silent in the face of evil. Especially the evil of promoting the murder of babies and openly attacking Christian beliefs and ethics. Fight evil and stand with the righteous for righteous rulers at "


  • Rachel' Vineyard

  • "...weekends for healing after abortion are offered throughout the year in locations across the United States and Canada, with additional sites in Portugal, Australia and New Zealand. We also offer a 13-week support group model for Rachel's Vineyard. Rachel’s Vineyard is a ministry of Priests for Life
    The program is an opportunity to examine your abortion experience, identify the ways that the loss has impacted you in the past and present, and helps to acknowledge any unresolved feelings that many individuals struggle with after abortion. Because of the emotional numbness and secrecy that often surrounds an abortion experience, conflicting emotions both during and after the event may remain unresolved. These buried feelings can surface later and may be symptoms of post abortion trauma. "


  • "The likely impact of the presidential election on the Supreme Court", from CNN (Wednesday, July 7, 2004 Posted: 12:36 PM EDT (1636 GMT)

  • *"But no one should be fooled: A Bush victory will greatly increase the likelihood that Congress and the state legislatures will be able to ban most abortions at some point in the next four years. In contrast, a Kerry victory will almost surely preserve the status quo of legal abortion prior to the third trimester of pregnancy."


    -Tri Semester Facts:

  • Partial Birth Abortion, national right life
  • The third trimester: Amazement and anticipation, from Mayo Clinic
  • Movie

    -Pro Life


  • "... have assigned 10% of the profits of the movie to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to frontline organizations helping women facing crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies, and those caring for orphans. ...
    October Baby Trailer

    Abortion Survivor: Gianna Jessen (OCTOBER BABY was inspired by her Story!) - Inspirational Videos

    Abortion Survivor: Gianna Jessen (OCTOBER BABY was inspired by her Story!) from inspiredfaith on GodTube.

    "Posted By inspiredfaith about a year ago
    More videos from this user
    *Gianna has inspired the movie OCTOBER BABY! It is in theaters MARCH 23, 2012--YOU MUST SEE THIS AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! An emotionally stirring speech made by abortion survivor, Gianna Jessen, at Queen's Hall, Parliament
    House, Victoria. Australia - on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. Gianna's visit was sponsored by the Ad Hoc Interfaith Committee. Please note this is not the full version of her speech. "

    Sarah's Choice Trailer - Today's Christian Videos

    Sarah's Choice Trailer from semurph on GodTube.

    "Grammy-Awawrd-winning Christian recording artist Rebecca St. James plays Sarah Collins, a young woman on the rise. As a junior account executive at a major advertising agency, Sarah is poised to get it all: executive promotion, salary increase, new car, fabulous apartment and first-class travel. There's only one thing that's going to keep her from getting it, her unborn baby.
    But Sarah has a choice. Her friends and co-workers insist that she has the right to choose a path that offers a successful career and unlimited material rewards. But according to a mysterious stranger, and a series of three nocturnal visions, Sarah has another choice a choice that will not only change her life but also the lives of her loved ones now and forever. In 1973 The United States Supreme Court struck down state laws that ban abortion, but the moral controversy surrounding the issue is far from resolved. If it is legally true that a woman can make her own private decision regarding her reproductive health, Sarah's Choice is a film that offers compelling moral reasons to choose life."

  • Pro-life video “180” goes viral on the internet The one question that changes minds about abortion By Mark Ellis Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

  • "BELLFLOWER, CALIFORNIA (ANS) -- Ray Comfort, the noted author and apologist, started to make a video about Hitler’s religion when he suddenly realized he found a powerful tool to alter people’s minds about abortion. He abruptly changed the direction of his project, which led to a new video he calls "180." That video has since gone viral, with nearly 1.5 million views on the internet.
    Ray Comfort
    It began as a book project for World Net Daily called “Hitler, God, and the Bible,” which was to include a video about Hitler’s faith – or lack of it.
    “I went on the streets and talked to people about Hitler and came back horrified that I had 14 interviews with people who never heard of Hitler,” Comfort says. Comfort is the founder of Living Water Publications. He also co-hosts (with Kirk Cameron) the television program “The Way of the Master,” which airs in 70 countries.
    Comfort mostly interviewed college students on the streets of Southern California. In his interviews depicted in the film, he described a historical incident from World War II when the Nazis shot 300 Jewish people and threw them in a large pit. Then the soldiers used bulldozers to bury the Jews, many of whom were still alive.
    “If you were at the point of a Nazi gun, would you drive the bulldozer forward to bury people?” he asked young people in the streets.
    “I could never do that,” many replied.
    “Why? Do you value human life?” he asked.
    If they answered affirmatively, Comfort then asked how they felt about abortion. Many told him they think it’s a woman’s choice, parroting the position of the dominant media and educational establishment.
    “Do you think it’s a baby in the womb?” he asked.
    If they answered yes, Comfort proceeded to ask a question that caused them to change their minds from being adamantly pro-abortion to pro-life in a matter of seconds.

    To Be Born (trailer) - Movies

    "Posted By spiritjuicestudios 5 months ago More videos from this user To Be Born is about a young woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy that seeks to have an abortion. In the midst of the procedure, she finds herself in a regrettable situation when she hears her unborn daughter begin to describe the chilling details of what is happening. Approx run time: 12 minutes "

    -Pro Choice

  • The Politics of Dirty Dancing, 25 Years Later - From abortion to Ayn Rand, the film is still relevant on its 25th anniversary By Tierney Sneed August 23, 2012

  • "...When Dirty Dancing was made in the late '80s, Bergstein was told the summer romance didn't need the darker political dimensions that harkened back to the previous generation.
    "When I made the movie, there was a sense that, hey, all those battles were fought. Why are you talking about these things that don't matter anymore? We won all these battles," recalls Bergstein. ...
    Baby infiltrates the countercultural upstairs-downstairs scene of the hotel staff, who spend their off-hours "dirty dancing" in their own section of the camp. When Penny, one of the dancers, becomes pregnant, Baby both helps pay for her illegal abortion and steps in as Johnny Castle's (played by the late Patrick Swayze) dancing partner when the botched procedure leaves her too incapacitated to dance herself.
    Though she wouldn't call the film pro-abortion—"It's about how tragic and terrible it is if you don't have a choice," Bergstein explains—it was crucial to her that the subplot was included, even in 1987 when Roe V. Wade was thought to be a done deal. ...
    "I didn't think it was over, I didn't think we were home free, and I didn't think it was going to be a pro-choice world. It seemed to me that young women thought that all their battles had been won already."
    She believes an uplifting, mainstream, romance like Dirty Dancing does a better job of delivering that message implicitly rather than an explicitly pro-abortion documentary or drama. "If you really want to change minds and hearts, have people come in for another reason."
    Bergstein knew the abortion subplot would likely ruffle corporate feathers—Clearasil withdrew a sponsorship of the film over it. ....

    Dirty Dancing (4/12) Movie CLIP - Dirty Knife and a Folding Table (1987) HD

  • Dirty Dancing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Plot
    "...Later, Baby discovers that Johnny's dance partner, Penny Johnson (Rhodes), is pregnant by Robbie Gould (Max Cantor), a womanizing waiter who dates (and cheats on) Baby's sister Lisa. Baby learns that Robbie plans to do nothing about the pregnancy (as he says, "some people count, some people don't"), so Baby secures the money from her father to pay for Penny's illegal abortion. Jake agrees to give the money to Baby despite her secrecy regarding what it will be used for, because of the trust Jake has always held in her. In her efforts to help, Baby also becomes Penny's substitute dancer for an important performance at the Sheldrake, a nearby resort where Johnny and Penny perform annually. The upcoming show requires Johnny to train Baby to learn the required routine...
    ...When they return to Kellerman's, they learn that Penny's backstreet abortion was botched, leaving her in agonizing pain. Baby brings her father to help, but he misinterprets Johnny's answer to a question he asked while treating Penny, and thus believes it is Johnny who impregnated her. For that reason, after Jake saves Penny's life, he forbids Baby to have anything to do with Johnny or his friends. Jake is furious at Baby for lying to him and betraying his trust. Baby, however, defies him and sneaks out to visit Johnny in his room that same night, where they consummate their blossoming romance with some intimate dancing....

    Held by Natalie Grant

    "Contemporary Christian Music Video "


    Brutal Truth- Tyranny In America

    "Alex Jones exposes the inhumane treatment of non-violent pro-life demonstrators. This includes the breaking of an arm by the LAPD and the testimony of a woman who miscarried after being assaulted by the authorities. The type of persecution is shown in this clip occurred in late 80s and early 90s and continued until the twenty-first century."


    Abortion, Planned Parenthood, and eugenics

    "Dr. Eric Schansberg is the most knowledgeable Congressional candidate in Indiana's 9th district on the pro-life issue as well as the most committed toward ending the genocide against the unborn.
    Learn more about the information in this interview,
    Learn more about the issues"

  • Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones: "Planned Parenthood, the racist eugenics front" 1of7, from

  • Stories

    Abortion Testimony - Trading Ashes for Beauty

    "Uploaded by DennisVieneault on Jan 10, 2009 Real life abortion testimony Isaiah 61:1 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me ... 3 and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, "


    Student's Video on Abortion





  • Activists allege forced abortions, sterilizations in China By Ashley Hayes, CNN updated 7:40 PM EDT, Mon April 30, 2012

  • " (CNN) -- When Ji Yeqing awakened, she was already in the recovery room.
    Chinese authorities had dragged her out of her home and down four flights of stairs, she said, restraining and beating her husband as he tried to come to her aid.
    They whisked her into a clinic, held her down on a bed and forced her to undergo an abortion.
    Her offense? Becoming pregnant with a second child, in violation of China's one-child policy.
    "After the abortion, I felt empty, as if something was scooped out of me," Ji told a congressional panel in September. "My husband and I had been so excited for our new baby. Now suddenly all that hope and joy and excitement disappeared. ... I was very depressed and despondent. For a long time, whenever I thought about my lost child, I would cry."
    As she lay unconscious, she said, an IUD to prevent future pregnancies was inserted. Chinese Dissident Escapes
    The issue of forced abortions -- and in some cases, forced sterilizations -- in China has seized the spotlight in recent days with news of escaped activist Chen Guangcheng. Turmoil and intrigue bubble in China
    Chen, a blind, self-taught lawyer, rose to fame in the late 1990s because of his advocacy for what he calls victims of abusive practices, such as forced abortions, by Chinese family planning officials. He investigated forced abortions and sterilizations in eastern China -- a practice China denies -- and helped organize a class-action lawsuit on behalf of victims, for which he served four years in prison. Where is blind Chinese activist Chen?
    A fellow activist, Hu Jia, said Chen has taken refuge at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. The importance of Chen Guangcheng
    "Chen may be safe for the moment, but the women for whom he risked everything are not," said Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women's Rights Without Frontiers, a California-based organization that describes itself as a "broad-based, international coalition that opposes forced abortion and sexual slavery in China." U.S., China meet amid dissident scandal
    "Forced abortion is not a choice," Littlejohn said. "It is official government rape."
    On a January 2011 visit to the United States, Chinese President Hu Jintao reportedly denied that China was forcing women to submit to abortions. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Florida, who gave Hu a list of human rights concerns, said that Hu insisted a forced-abortion policy did not exist, according to media reports.
    China's population is the largest on earth, with more than 1.34 billion people. Since its implementation in 1979, the one-child policy has prevented more than 400 million births in China, according to China's National Population and Family Planning Commission.
    About 13 million abortions are performed nationwide each year, the commission has said -- about 35,000 a day. It is unknown how many of those are coerced.
    But the one-child policy has been blamed for abuses. In some cases, advocates say, fetuses identified as female are aborted, or midwives strangle a female infant with the umbilical cord during delivery, identifying the baby as "stillborn," according to All Girls Allowed, a nonprofit group that aims to end female "gendercide," educate abandoned girls, rescue trafficked children and defend women's reproductive rights. Other females are abandoned, left to die or raised as orphans. Chinese traditionally prefer boys over girls because they are seen as better able to provide for the family and carry on the family bloodline. As a result, the practice of aborting female fetuses or abandoning infant girls continues, particularly in rural areas. In November, according to state-run news agency Xinhua, Premier Wen Jiabao, in a speech to the National Working Conference on Women and Children, "urged banning illegal fetus gender identification and illegal abortion." "The social status of the female population indicates the level of social progress (of a nation), while children are the future and hope of a nationality and a nation," Wen said. Last summer, Xinhua reported that "millions of Chinese men of marrying age may be living as frustrated bachelors by 2020" because of the gender imbalance. In 2010, China's sex ratio at birth was 118 boys for every 100 girls, the news agency said. China kicked off a national campaign "to significantly curb non-medical sex determinations and sex-selective abortions to balance the gender ratio," Xinhua said. Also during the campaign, "efforts will be made to raise awareness of gender equality, to severely punish those involved in cases of non-medical sex determinations and sex-selective abortions, and to strengthen monitoring." Liu Qian, vice minister of the Ministry of Health, said that doctors violating the ban would be stripped of their licenses or penalized, and involved medical institutions would also be punished, according to Xinhua. The one-child policy could contribute to China's high rate of female suicide, according to All Girls Allowed. China is the only country in the world where the female suicide rate is higher than that of men -- some 500 women a day, the group said, citing statistics from the World Health Organization and the U.S. State Department. In its 2009 Human Rights Report, the State Department noted that "many observers believed that violence against women and girls, discrimination in education and employment, the traditional preference for male children, birth-limitation policies, and other societal factors contributed to the high female suicide rate. Women in rural areas, where the suicide rate for women was three to four times higher than for men, were especially vulnerable." Sometimes the consequences are even more severe. In October 2011, a woman who was six months pregnant died during a forced abortion in eastern China, according to Women's Rights Without Frontiers. Last month, a woman in the same region was forced to undergo an abortion while nine months pregnant, the organization reported. The baby was born alive, but then was drowned in a bucket, according to the organization. A photo of the infant's body floating in the bucket was circulated on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, sparking widespread outrage. Chinese officials are prohibited under law from "infringing on the rights and interests of citizens when promoting compliance with population planning policies," according to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, created by Congress to monitor human rights and the rule of law in China. However, the commission in its most recent annual report noted "reports of official campaigns, as well as numerous individual cases in which officials used violent methods to coerce citizens to undergo sterilizations or abortions or pay heavy fines for having 'out-of-plan' children," meaning a family's second child.
    In one example from October 2010, the commission said, a woman in southeastern China who was eight months pregnant with her second child was kidnapped and detained for 40 hours. She was forcibly injected with a substance that caused the fetus to abort. Her husband reportedly was not permitted to see her during this time, the commission said.
    "Nothing in human history compares to the magnitude of China's 33-year assault on women and children," said Rep. Chris Smith, R-New Jersey and chairman of the commission, during the September hearing at which Ji Yeqing testified.
    "Today in China, rather than being given maternal care, pregnant women without birth-allowed permits are hunted down and forcibly aborted. ... For over three decades, brothers and sisters have been illegal; a mother has absolutely no right to protect her unborn baby from state-sponsored violence." My spirit completely collapsed after this one. I attempted suicide, but was stopped by my family from jumping Liu Ping
    "Out of plan" children whose parents do not pay fines may go without household registration, or hukou, which presents obstacles to social benefits including subsidized health care and public education, All Girls Allowed said, citing the commission's 2010 report.
    A woman's family members, including her husband, parents, in-laws or siblings, may also be targeted for violations of the policy, according to Women's Rights Without Borders, which published a 2005 report compiled from Chen's notes into cases he was investigating before his arrest. The report alleges arrest, torture, beatings and fines of family members for the violations of relatives. It also documents a case where a woman suffered health problems after being forced to undergo a tubal ligation despite her high blood pressure.
    Ji told lawmakers her first forced abortion was in 2003, after officials said she and her husband would be fined $31,000 for their second child and fired from their jobs. Her second came in 2006, despite the fact she and her husband at that time were willing to pay the fine and lose their jobs.
    She continues to suffer consequences from the abortions. Her husband divorced her, she said, because she could not give him a son (the couple already had a daughter). After she remarried and moved to the United States in 2010, she said, she visited a clinic to have her IUD removed and undergo an exam. "The doctor told me that I had cervical erosion, likely due to the poor medical conditions of my forced abortions," she said.
    Liu Ping told a similar story to Congress last year. She said after giving birth to her son, she was required to undergo five abortions between 1983 and 1990. During the last procedure, an IUD was inserted.
    "When I learned of the procedure, I protested that I had a kidney disease and could not keep the IUD, but they completely ignored me," she said. "The doctor just gave the bill to my husband and told him to pay." Her husband was later arrested, she said, and she was given a "serious administrative warning" at her job and fined six months' pay.
    Liu had to report to the factory clinic each month for an exam to make sure she had not removed the IUD on her own or become pregnant again, she said.
    In 1997, she missed a monthly pregnancy check because she was caring for her terminally ill mother, she testified.
    "Agents from the Family Planning Commission waited at my home to drag me to the exam," she said. "When they pushed me to the ground, I fell and hurt my neck vertebrae. My spirit completely collapsed after this one. I attempted suicide, but was stopped by my family from jumping."
    Liu was able to move to the United States and she and her husband reconciled after a divorce.
    "I feel happiness and joyful," she told lawmakers. "But I know in my homeland, China, there are millions of women who are suffering as I did. Each day thousands of young lives are being destroyed. I beg everyone to save them.""

    Chinese activist says he wants to go to U.S. From Steven Jiang, CNN updated 5:38 AM EDT, Thu May 3, 2012

    "Beijing (CNN) -- The Chinese activist who left the refuge of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing said Thursday that he regrets the move and now wants U.S. officials to help get him and his family to the United States.
    "I want them to protect human rights through concrete actions," Chen Guangcheng told CNN from his hospital room in Beijing. "We are in danger. If you can talk to Hillary, I hope she can help my whole family leave China."
    Chen was referring to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who arrived Wednesday for economic talks and found herself in the middle of a diplomatic firestorm.
    His comments left the U.S. government battling to defend the deal it brokered with the Chinese authorities over Chen's future, with human rights advocacy groups questioning whether China would uphold its side of the bargain.
    U.S. officials in Beijing said Thursday they would continue to help Chen where possible, but stressed that the decision to leave the embassy was his own.
    "I can tell you unequivocally that he was never pressured to leave," the U.S. ambassador to China, Gary Locke, said at a briefing with reporters. "He was excited and eager about leaving."
    The United States will do what it can to help Chen and his family leave China if that is what they want to do, a senior U.S. State Department official said, but added that Washington doesn't have "a magic wand" to get him out of the country.
    Last month, the 40-year-old blind, self-taught lawyer escaped house arrest in the eastern China province of Shandong and fled to Beijing, where he took refuge in the embassy for six days but left Wednesday for a hospital.
    The situation has tested the Obama administration's approach to relations with China, straining its commitment to uphold human rights even as it strives to maintain steady ties with Beijing.
    When Chen left the embassy Wednesday, U.S. officials said the Chinese government had committed to relocate him to a "safe environment" away from the province where he and his family say they suffered brutal treatment at the hands of the local authorities.
    China has agreed to investigate those allegations of mistreatment, the officials said, noting that Chen will not face any further legal issues.
    "The United States government and the American people are committed to remaining engaged with Mr. Chen and his family in the days, weeks and years ahead," Clinton said in a statement Wednesday.
    But human rights advocacy groups raised doubts about whether Beijing would stick to the promises it had reportedly made.
    "There are serious concerns over whether the Chinese government will honor commitments it made to the U.S. government to not persecute Chen and his family members," Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.
    Chinese officials did not comment directly on what deal had been reached with the United States over Chen. In comments reported by state media, they focused on what they described as "interference" by Washington in China's internal affairs.
    "This is totally unacceptable to China," Liu Weimin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said in comments reported Wednesday by the state-run news agency Xinhua. He demanded an apology from the United States.
    Nevertheless, senior officials from the two countries -- including Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner -- gathered in Beijing on Thursday for scheduled talks about strategic and economic issues.
    In a speech at the meeting, Clinton referred to human rights without mentioning Chen. "As part of our dialogue, the United States raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens' aspirations for dignity and the rule of law and that no nation can or should deny those rights," she said.
    On the Chinese side, President Hu Jintao said Washington and Beijing "should approach our differences in a correct way, and respect and accommodate each other's interests and concerns."
    To reach the U.S. embassy last month, Chen climbed over a series of walls to evade the guards who had kept him under house arrest for more than 18 months in Shandong. He injured his foot in the process, one of the reasons he needed medical attention.
    He had been confined to his home after serving four years in prison, apparently over his legal advocacy for what he called victims of abusive practices such as forced abortions and sterilizations by China's family planning officials.
    Chen said Thursday that he did not fully grasp what he was facing when he agreed to abandon the embassy a day earlier.
    "At the time, I didn't have a lot of information," he said. "I wasn't allowed to call my friends from inside the embassy. I couldn't keep up with news, so I didn't know a lot of things that were happening."
    He said Thursday that he felt that his life and that of his wife, Yuan Weijing, would be in danger if he were to remain in the country.
    "Anything could happen," he said.
    Chen said he left the embassy only after U.S. officials encouraged him to do so.
    "The embassy kept lobbying me to leave and promised to have people stay with me at the hospital," he said. "But this afternoon, as soon as I checked into the hospital room, I noticed they were all gone."
    He said he was "very disappointed" in the U.S. government and felt "a little" that he had been lied to by the embassy.
    He said that when he was reunited with his family at the hospital, he learned that Yuan had been badly treated after his escape.
    "She was tied to a chair by police for two days," he said. "Then they carried thick sticks to our house, threatening to beat her to death. Now they have moved into the house. They eat at our table and use our stuff."
    Chen said he was told that had he not left the embassy, "they would send her back (to the family's village in Shandong), and people there would beat her."
    He said he also learned that Chinese officials had rounded up some of his supporters after his escape and placed some of them under house detention.
    Locke, the U.S. ambassador, said that Chen had spoken with Yuan twice before he left the embassy and that she had encouraged him to come to the hospital and be reunited with the family.
    Yuan said she does not want to raise her children in China, where she said they would have no future. She said guards at the hospital would not allow her to leave and appealed to Clinton to intervene.
    "If we stay here or get sent back to Shandong, our lives would be at stake," she said. "Under such circumstances, I hope the U.S. government will protect us and help us leave China based on its values of protecting human rights."
    Locke said that while inside the embassy, Chen had made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to stay in China.
    "We asked him if he wanted to go to the United States," Locke said. "He said, 'no.' "


    The Genocide Of Down Syndrome Babies / The Practice Of Lebensunwertes Leben

    "Uploaded on Jul 18, 2010 The Genocide Of Down Syndrome Babies / The Practice Of Lebensunwertes Leben / Video. Produced by rosaryfilms of Secret of the Rosary Films. Credits at the end of the film. The Pro-Choice Rationalization Of Life Not Worth Living. Aided by advancements in genetics and in 3D and 4D ultrasound, the science of fetology has clearly shown that the unborn baby is a human being. By the time a woman typically knows that she is pregnant, the unborn baby already has a heartbeat and brain activity. Claims by some pro-choicers that the unborn baby is nothing more than a parasite and a blob of cells are easily and readily dismissed -- even by other pro-choicers who have had some education in the basic biological sciences. So why do these pro-choicers, who recognize that the unborn baby is a human being -- still insist that abortion is justified? The answer to this question lies not in the biological sciences, but is rooted in a philosophy that was first organized and explained in a small book in 1920 by Alfred Hoche and Judge Karl Binding. The name of this book was, Die Freigabe der Vernichtung Lebensunwerten Lebens, which is translated as, The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life, which recommended the active euthanasia of what is called, absolutely worthless human beings, including what it called the retarded, the deformed, and the feebleminded and senile. The book referred to eugenic murder as a healing work and an allowable useful act. Frederick Wertham, author of, A Sign for Cain, wrote that, This little book influenced, or at least crystallized, the thinking of a whole generation. According to this ideology, who then could be killed? Karl Binding split the group of people which he wanted to be considered for killing into three groups. Group One: A person who has been mortally wounded or is terminally ill and has somehow communicated their wish to die. The person does not have to be in pain, it is enough that they are in a helpless condition and that their condition is incurable. Group Two: A person that is incurably mentally ill. Binding describes these people as having neither the will to die, nor the will to live. He describes them as living pointless lives and are a burden for society and their families. He also believed it to be unfair on caretakers to keep such lives unworthy of living alive. Group Three: The people belonging to this group were mentally healthy people, which having suffered a serious injury are now unconscious. If they ever awake, they will awake to a nameless suffering. According to this ideology, who then should decide on the killings? Karl Binding wanted a committee to decide on a killing on a case by case basis. The committee was to consist of a doctor, a psychiatrist or other doctor and a jurist to check that the committee was acting within the law. Binding also wanted to allow for killings that were not controlled by a committee. Such a killing would only be legal if the person killing had either acted with permission, or on the assumption that an unconscious person wanted to die. Binding argued that although there is always a possibility of mistakes being made, he saw the risk of losing a life as unimportant because humanity constantly loses so many lives by mistake, that just one more would hardly make a difference. This ideology of life unworthy of life was used by the Nazis to designate segments of a populace that had lives that were not worth living and hence, were to be exterminated as an act of mercy. This included the physically or mentally disabled, the weak and the feeble, those with deformities, those who were burdens on society and others, those who were useless with no apparent function in society, those with inferior genetics when compared to the ideal. Included in this group were homosexuals, intermarriage partners, and criminals. The ideology of Lebensunwerten Lebens also justified human experimentation on prisoners in addition to the development of Nazi eugenics programs and Nazi racial policies. Consistent with the Nazi ideology of Life unworthy of life was the Nazi implementation of abortion into German society. In 1933, when the Nazis came to power, the law was changed to legalize abortion and make this a matter of decision for a medical review board. The development of Germanys abortion policy was left to the country's most vociferous abortion advocacy group, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians. This group, which advocated abortion on demand, determined that the health of the mother - considered from all angles - is the decisive factor. Then, just as now, health of the mother criterion was loosely understood to mean any economic or psychological affect on the womans total well being. There were approximately 500,000 abortions annually in Germany under the Third Reich, a country of 60 to 70 million people. "


  • Obama to restore U.S. funding for international abortion , from

  • "..Jan 24, 2009 2:40 Obama to restore U.S. funding for international abortion President Barack Obama signed an executive order Friday overturning a ban on U.S. funding for international groups that provide abortion-related services. The decision is expected to re-start debate between pro- and anti-abortion activists, but, the decision will come as a relief to some organizations that believe they were unfairly ...



  • Killings of newborn babies on the rise in Pakistan, by Hasan Mansoor Hasan Mansoor – Mon Jan 17, 2:40 am ET

  • "KARACHI (AFP) – The lifeless bodies of two tiny babies are being given their final bath before burial in Karachi, after they were left to die in the southern Pakistani city's garbage dumps.
    "They can only have been one or two days old," says volunteer worker Mohammad Saleem, pointing at the two small corpses being gently washed by his colleagues at a charity's morgue.
    In the conservative Muslim nation, where the birth of children outside of marriage is condemned and adultery is a crime punishable by death under strict interpretations of Islamic law, infanticide is a crime on the rise.
    More than 1,000 infants -- most of them girls -- were killed or abandoned to die in Pakistan last year according to conservative estimates by the Edhi Foundation, a charity working to reverse the grim trend.
    The infanticide figures are collected only from Pakistan's main cities, leaving out huge swathes of the largely rural nation, and the charity says that in December alone it found 40 dead babies left in garbage dumps and sewers.
    The number of dead infants found last year -- 1,210 -- was up from 890 in 2008 and 999 in 2009, says the Edhi Foundation manager in Karachi, Anwar Kazmi.
    Tragic tales abound.
    Kazmi recounts the discovery of the burnt body of a six-day-old infant who had been strangled. Another child was found on the steps of a mosque having been stoned to death on the orders of an extremist imam who has since disappeared, he says.
    "Do not murder, lay them here," reads a sign hanging outside the charity's Karachi base where it has left cradles in the hope that parents will abandon their unwanted children there, instead of leaving them to die.
    "People leave these children mostly because they think they are illegitimate, but they are as innocent and loveable as all human beings," says the charity's founder, well-known humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi.
    Most children found are less than a week old.
    Khair Mohammad, 65, works as a watchman in the charity's vast graveyard in the city outskirts. It is dotted with tiny unnamed graves.
    "We acquired this land to bury children after another plot was filled with hundreds of bodies," he says.
    The death toll is far worse among girls, says manager Kazmi, with nine out of ten dead babies the charity finds being female.
    "The number of infanticides of girls has substantially increased," Kazmi says, a rise attributed to increased poverty across the country.
    Girls are seen by many Pakistanis as a greater economic burden as most women are not permitted to work and are considered to be the financial responsibilty of their fathers, and later their husbands.
    A Pakistani family can be forced to raise more than one million rupees (11,700 dollars) to marry their daughter off.
    Edhi says that up to 200 babies are left in its 400 cradles nationwide each year and that it handles thousands of requests for adoption by childless couples.
    Abortion is prohibited in Pakistan, except when the mother's life is at risk from her pregnancy, but advocates say that legalisation would reduce infanticide and save mothers from potentially fatal back-street terminations.
    According to Pakistani law, anyone found to have abandoned an infant can be jailed for seven years, while anyone guilty of secretly burying a child can be imprisoned for two years. Murder is punishable with life imprisonment.
    But crimes of infanticide are rarely prosecuted.
    "The majority of police stations do not register cases of infanticide, let alone launch investigations into them," said lawyer Abdul Rasheed. "

    Newborn Babies Dumped in Rubbish Dumps


  • Abortion Regrets, from

  • Unsolicited, personal testimonies from women (and men) who have gone through an abortion.
    "I just had an abortion 2 months back. The worst part is I never told anyone about it, not even my boyfriend. I did it because my father is not working and my boyfriend also is not working and is from a poor background. I knew he impregnated me on purpose and the 1st day I told him I was pregnant, he just looked me in the eye and gave my foetus a name after his mum. I wanted to keep my baby with all my heart but just found myself considering abortion because I'm still at college. I did it, without telling anyone. I told my boyfriend that I had a miscarriage. We spent 2 months without having sex because I felt like its the least I can do to mourn my baby. I think about it day and night, cry day and night. I never went counseling, nor shared it with anyone. I believe that's why it gets worse everyday. I am dying inside.

    Age: 19
    Location: South Africa
    Date: September 26, 2011

    " I thank God for this web site. I wept watching the videos. I never had access to this kind of information back when I had an abortion.. My story is very similar. I am now 50 years-old. I had an abortion performed on me back in 1978, Friday Dec. 1st to be exact. I was 17 years old and found myself pregnant. I was so scared to tell my parents, but I knew I had to. I had previously told the boy I was involved with at the time, but came to find he didn't know what to do and really didn't care. When I got the nerve to tell my mom I was taken to the doctors to confirm that I was indeed pregnant... I didn't want an abortion, I just wanted my mom to wrap her arms around me and say we will help you through this. Later that night my parents (mainly my mom) told me how this baby would grow up to hate me and a bunch of other lies and said this was the best choice for me. I wanted my baby. I came from an adopted family, so you would have thought this would NOT of been an option at all (I believe the Lord showed me years later that my adopted mom could not forgive God for not allowing her to have her own babies, so she wasn't going to let me have mine). I felt weak and unable to speak up for myself, trapped like a lamb led to the slaughter. I was an embarrassment to my parents and they were going to get rid of the problem. So my mom scheduled my abortion. I felt so alone and scared, and so empty afterwords. I never believed or even thought of abortion, and here I was forced to have one. To this day my mom still denies and lies and acts like it never happened. I did drugs to cover my pain... When I became a born again Christian, it still took me a long time to believe God would forgive me for this sin. I carried so much shame and guilt for many years. This was my SECRET shame. I went to church for years with this secret. It wasn't until we started attending a church that offered counseling for abortions that I really started to deal with the pain.
    Click here to read this story in its entirety.
    Age: 50
    Location: Ohio
    Date: September 21, 2011

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