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"An evil man is held captive by his own sins; they are ropes that catch and hold him. 23 He will die for lack of self-control; he will be lost because of his incredible folly. " -Proverbs 5:22-23

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This website is on illegeal drugs (not the over the counter stuff), which has been a big problem everywhere I've lived. Yes, even in small town Morris- Minnesota! Especially lately as the big talk around town lately was a drug bust in the Coburns parking lot-the town hangout for teens! A 50 something old-guy from out of town was caught dealing drugs, which undercover cops caught him. I just attended a weekly prayer with the teen I mentor at his high school and one of the teenagers around told me 8 squad cars (exaggerrated?) and a undercover truck were at the scene (sometime in the last week of March 2004)!

This is somewhat an answer to prayer for this guy getting caught, so this won't happen again. However, it makes one think how many do not get caught! Yes, we can try to get as many advance technology to find these drug dealers. However, the main source are the drug users.

Why do people use drugs in the first place?

From my personal perspective growing-up, I first noticed the drug problem in junior high in St. Paul. They would go the "bridge" (a hangout in an actual bridge over a creek in a forestry/woody area across the street from our school) to avoid adults. The people I knew that did drugs came from severe broken homes (e.g. divorced parents, no parental guidance, drug/alcohol families, etc...). A lot of them smoke, which many started because of the stresses in their life-my personal explanation of why people do it!

Another reason is peer-pressure along with curiosity, which many youth feel a need of belonging! I remember some peers were hanging out and one of them asked me if I wanted a cigaratte; knowing the harmful facts-I said "no". Then one time I was working at Taco Bell, and a co-worker of mine asked me if wanted to have some "marijuana". Of course, I said "no" too.

Addiction on one "substance" become an addiction of another one. It seem like when one gets hooked on smoking, they become prone to alcohol, and then drugs or any other way around! I hear that in order for one to get over an addiction, they need to replace it with something "positive" because their body is totally dependent on the "physical". I'm no health expert, but former drug addicts need to replace thier addiction with something else="positive"!

  • Why do people do drugs?, form Ohio Schools of Education
  • Why do people deal drugs?

    We live in a greedy world and of desperation for "fast money". Some are stress out because of their financial problems, so they look desperately for a way out of it!

    My Personal "Passive" Encounter Experience

    Unfortunately, our particular Taco Bell store was known as a drug haven, which many of my co-workers would deal drugs (users too!) through the drive-thru window! I remember one time a co-worker of mine would weigh some cocaine that was used to measure the ingredients on particular food items. It was crazy at the time, which never really hit me until I went to Morris. I was surrounded by all this "stuff" so much that it became a normal fact of life. Lastly, a sift-manager came to work one Saturday morning and told me how he got high on acid last night. Of course he wasn't feeling good, which he didn't feel like working that day. He told me a story of a guy he knew who was so high on acid that the cops couldn't get him down. Despite the small size of this acid user, he was strong as Hercules-the effects of it!

    College Epdidemic Too!

    While I was attending UMM (95'-99'), I was too busy in my academics and spiritual search of Jesus! However, I would encounter the illegal drug problem now and then. For example, I just found out recently a guy I knew dealt drugs privately, who now lives out of the state! Don't ever think college is an escape from the real world, the "real world stuff" happens in close doors or we sometimes choose to not want to see it! Trust me, I was an RA (97'-98'), which God opened me eyes to many issues/problems that I never knew existed here! As Christians, we can sometimes get too caught up from "reality" that we forget or don't know what's really going on. It's good to some extent as we are separated from the "darkness" of worldly "things". However, God wants to use us to be His light to the people around us that wants to escape their "dark" life! It's a spiritual warfare out there, which one needs to be equipped!

    "The Harvard survey also revealed a clear relationship between drinking and other substance use: abstainers were the least likely to have used other drugs during the past year, while binge drinkers were the most likely to have used other drugs. Marijuana, for example, was the most commonly used illicit drug....more from The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

  • "Ritalin abuse scoring high on college illegal drug circuit", from CNN
  • Current Situation

    I'm currently living in my 5th year since graduation at UMM in this small rural city/town. I've notice that living here to avoid city life is not possible. They have a drug problem here too as anywhere else-maybe less as severely! However, from my personal experiences so far, I can share many drug stories from Morris like I did earlier above from just working at Taco Bell in St. Paul alone. Since this is too a small town, I would have to keep these stories confidential for now! However, please feel free to ask me, but the main point is-the Good News!

    Local On-Going Testimony

    I had the opportunity to sit-down (morning of Friday, February 4th of 2005 at Don's Cafe) with a friend, who has been off of drugs for sometime. Yes, he still struggles, but with the help, accountability, and support of Christian friends-he can do it with God's help! His name is Clint, who grew-up in Lakeland, Florida. It was a community close to the beautiful popular tourist coastal areas of eastern Florida. Behind this "tourist image" community there is "hidden" underground life of the "drug-torn" war zones. He grew-up in a home where his dad wasn't really around, like for most "lost" kids. His parents got divorce when he was 8, and lived with his biological mom and step-dad. At age 12, he was introduced to the "devil"-Jeff, an older man that would be a bad influence growing-up as a teenager.

    "33Do not be misled: �Bad company corrupts good character.� 34Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God�I say this to your shame.-1 Corinthians 15

    Clint told me the story how he first met him: Jeff challenged Clint to "knock-him" down with a stick, which he did and this won his respect. Since this time, Jeff and Clint would be working together on "illegal" stuff. Clint did drugs for the first time at age 13. Then at age 14, he ran away from home after his mom found out some "stashes" (drugs) in the house. Clint shared his story as the "racial-minority" in the Duncan Opportunity Center (alternative school), where majority of the youth were "non-white". He ended up getting beat-up and ended up getting in trouble for this. He would later get into serious trouble that his biological dad came all the way down from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota to attend his court case. The dad agreed to the judges' conditions that the charges will be dropped and be on parole-monitered..if he takes his son to Minnesota with him away from this drug environment. Well, Clint did "ok" when he came up to Minnesota, but wasn't helped by his dad and step-mom as they did drugs too. Despite Clint entering a drug treatment center at age 15, he went back to his "old ways".

    His wife Steph started to refocus on God after coming home where she first started. Clint later came along through the help of others at the local church Steph went to. He met with the associate pastor-Neil, who ended-up sharing his personal story at Common Cup that connected with Clint. Before this meeting, they were supposed to just share about snowblowing, but they ended up talking more. Clint has grown to be a typical Minnesota outdoorsmen-ice fishing, bow hunting, and just loves working with his hands!

    A year later-It's Sunday, February 4th of 2006! There is so much awesome praise reports where God has brought Clint since last year. I see him at church on Sundays-now with 2 kids (the recent was around Christmas last year)! He has personally been a blessing to me in many ways: help get my lock keys in my car (after a Sunday service last summer), helped a friend (UMM Int'l student from Japan) of mine move her furniture, pulled my old Chevy Blazer with a tow rope when it broke down, etc... Currently, he is helping minister to folks through our local church's ministry-Most Excellent Way-Praise God! be continued

    Baseball Players are "Human" too!

    I was captivated this past Sunday on a special (Twin Cities local "sports" news after the 10 o'clock show) feature on Minnesota Twins, Tori Hunter. He "openly" shared about his dad, who is a "crack" addict. I then decided to look for resources out there that may be helpful to Tori...

    Drug Free America: If You are a Child Concerned about a Parent
    New Hope Recovery, treatment center in Chicago
    Find a Chicago Drug Rehab Center

    "10 My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them. 11 If they say, “Come along with us; let’s lie in wait for innocent blood, let’s ambush some harmless soul; 12 let’s swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit; 13 we will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder; 14 cast lots with us; we will all share the loot”— 15 my son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; 16 for their feet rush into evil, they are swift to shed blood. 17 How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it! 18 These men lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush only themselves! 19 Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the life of those who get it. "-Proverbs 1



    Most Excellent Way, weekly community group


  • Alcohol, from Goodnews UMM Issues
  • Articles


    This drug has been an increasing problem in the Morris Area and elsewhere, so I decided to do a profile on this:


  • Meth Addicts Find Hope, Healing Through Christian Ministries Some 1.3 million people are believed to be addicted to the drug, which causes brain damage similar to the effects of a stroke , from Charisma Mag (Feb 2005)

  • "Former addict speaks to youth about Meth by Amy Hammond Hagberg (Minnesota Christian Chronicle 8/18/05)

  • David Parnell had been up for nearly a week straight doing Methamphetamine (Meth). He was so sick that he couldn't even stand up - he'd just lie in bed using dope. When his wife Amy told him she was leaving him and taking the kids with her, he snapped.
    Parnell grabbed his loaded SKS assault rifle, kicked off the safety and put the weapon under his chin. To Amy's horror, he pulled the trigger.
    The bullet exited between his eyes, breaking every bone in his face except for his left eye socket. It blew out nearly all of his teeth, obliterated his nose and totally disintegrated his mouth. In fact, it literally split his face in two - one half of it was hanging down to his shoulder.
    Despite these horrific injuries, Parnell didn't lose consciousness. He remembers talking to his mother who had arrived at the family home after a frantic call from the kids. "My mother was screaming, 'Why did you do that?' I was laying on the floor and I told her, 'I'm sorry, I don't know,'" said Parnell. "I have a beautiful wife, six wonderful kids and a good job. But I was miserable from years of drug addiction."
    They call Parnell the "miracle man" at the hospital in Nashville. His injuries were so severe that he was written off as dead by the sheriff's department. Because of the extent of his injuries he should not have been able to talk - he had no mouth left. But, he spoke with his wife, his mother, the paramedics and the police.
    This was Parnell's second suicide attempt. The first one, an attempted hanging, ended with a broken rope. With 18 surgeries resulting in the implantation of over 30 titanium plates and screws that hold his sinuses in and his face together, Parnell once again survived.
    The biggest miracle of all is that after 23 years of heavy drug use, Parnell, 37 is clean and sober. This soft-spoken man from rural Tennessee is taking his message about the dangers of Meth to schools and organizations all around the nation. Since his recovery, Parnell has devoted his life to fighting Meth addiction.
    As a full-time motivational speaker, he travels around the country to schools, churches, jails, rehabilitation centers and community groups telling his story in hope of deterring others from following in his footsteps. In the last six months he has spent nearly half of his time in Minnesota.
    The Methamphetamine Education and Drug Awareness (MEADA) Coalition of Wright County sponsored a youth event in Buffalo on July 20 that was attended by nearly 1,000 people.
    Methamphetamine is a powerfully addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Meth can be smoked, snorted, injected or ingested. Made from common, easily accessible materials, meth can be manufactured virtually anywhere. Heavy users are often violent and extremely dangerous.
    Meth is becoming an alarming problem throughout Minnesota. According to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and MEADA:
    In 2003 more than 500 Meth labs were seized statewide.
    In some counties, as much as 75-95 percent of all crime is now Meth-related.
    In 1999 there were 18 Meth busts. In 2002 that number jumped to 214, and spiked to 425 in 2003.
    Many high school students say it is easier to find Meth on their high school campuses than alcohol Minnesota Teen Challenge (MTC), a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment program, has seen a disturbing trend among residents. "In our last survey of the adults enrolled in our year-long program, over 62 percent of those surveyed said that Meth was their major drug of choice," said the Rev. Rich Scherber, executive director of MTC.
    Meth robbed Parnell of his health, sent him to prison and nearly cost him his life. He is reminded of his bad choices every time he looks in the mirror.
    The day he woke up in the hospital he committed his life to the Christ. " I knew then that I wanted to speak to kids, the Lord had put that on my heart since the day I woke up," he said. "I thank the Lord every day ... and it's been over two years."
    His life has changed drastically over those two years. "I want to do what the Lord wants me to do, and I want him to use me in hopes that I might find favor and I won't ever have to go back to that dark place again," said Parnell. "It's amazing what the Lord has done. He has blessed me over and over."

    You can find out more about David and his ministry at


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  • Does your town have a problem with Meth a e-mail forum
  • Understanding the Drugs Your Teen Uses, from
  • -State Problem

  • Methamphetamine and Meth Labs, from Minnesota Dept. of Health
  • -National Problem
    faces of meth

    "Dont do drugs, kids. You won't be a cool Rock Star......This is what you'll become! "

  • Faces of Meath
  • Hawaii Has Huge Meth Mess HILO, Hawaii, Sept. 12, 2003 (from
  • Adult Christianity-Jesus 21

  • "Today Haggard admits buying methamphetamines from Jones, but claims he did not take them. He also admits getting a massage from Jones, who, Haggard says, was recommended by a Denver hotel. He continues to insist that they did not have sex."
    Good Morning Evangelicals, from Christianity Today


  • Graduates' Testimonies, from Minnesota Teen Challenge

  • " I�m Brad and I�m from Mankato Minnesota. Meth had destroyed my life; no one had hope for me, not even myself. I was a meth dealer and a meth user and I was constantly high. I was using three grams of meth every single day, and more on the weekends. In the last two years of my addiction, I averaged only seven hours of sleep a week. I�d sleep for a couple of hours and then skip sleeping for three or four days. I�ve also been homeless and lived out of my car."...
  • Michael Paul Testimony, from
  • -Resources

  • Meth Madness, recovery links
  • I attended a community meeting recently (April of 2005) on the awareness of meth. They showed this very distubing graphic, but effective educational 20 minute video on this drug. Then they brought up a panel of 6-8 adults (young and old) to share their stories of their usage of this drug.


  • Former Gang Member Ministers in Prison, Starts a Church, and Runs a Bible School By Michael Ireland

  • Special Reporter, ASSIST News Service Monday, January 7, 2013 Part One of Rev. Bill Hieb’s Story of How God took him from Street Violence to International Ministry
    "STILLWATER, MN (ANS) -- From being a gang member and living a life of frequent violence, to becoming a pastor and celebrating the 20th anniversary of his church this year, Rev. Bill Hieb now runs an international Bible school focused on training missionaries in several countries to spread the Gospel.
    “My life is a testimony in the early days of what was known as bad, and so good has come out of it I trust,” he told ASSIST News in a recent interview.
    Hieb was born in 1951, in Stillwater, the birthplace of the State of Minnesota. He lived there for a few years before moving to St. Paul. “And it was in St. Paul which I consider my formidable years of growing up and being educated, as well as being exposed to some of the issues of life,” he said.
    “My family was a large family and we had a little bit of a religious background in regards to going to church -- the golden rule and just general morality sorts of things. But I come from a larger family of brothers who were all pretty athletic and all who were involved in sports and fist fighting and things associated with neighborhood gangs and things like that where fighting was a big part of our family culture.
    “It began with my father who was a Golden Glove fighter, and two of my brothers were pretty good fighters. So the younger brothers looked up to the older brothers as far as their fighting skills and we would teach each other. We would teach each other the finer points of pugilism.”
    Hieb explained that “it wasn’t actually boxing per se -- it was street fighting and we became feared as a family for our street fighting capabilities. In fact it became a life style of violence which resulted in a couple of my brothers being put in prison. One was in prison for manslaughter. So our family culture was one of violence. Personally I had a couple of hundred fights and on a weekend -- that was what we would look forward to -- just getting together with gangs and groups of young people and we would fight two three times a weekend.”
    Hieb said that at that time there wasn’t too much involvement in drugs or alcohol, “it was just it was about winning and defeating your opponent in a fight. We picked a lot of fights. But as we got a little older the gang influence became more prevalent in our community and we began to travel at night with weapons and we’d encounter other gangs and it was like typical West Side Story type of deal.
    “I remember my first exposure to anything Christian was when I was a very young man of like six, seven years old. I went to a Baptist youth conference and they shared the Gospel and I remember standing up to receive Christ in the balcony. So I did respond, but it never really -- as I later found out --didn’t seem like it’d ever taken root. The next encounter I had was a substitute school teacher had given me a book written by David Wilkerson ‘The Cross And The Switchblade.’ which had a very profound impact on me.”
    Hieb said that he saw himself in that book. “I saw the beauty of the book in terms of how Nicky Cruz and some of those fellows came to Christ, but I also saw the violence that was involved in it and so I was kind of torn. But I stayed with the street violence and myself ended up in jail a number of times. I was arrested ten to fifteen times, did some time in reform school as a young man. But it was after the reform school when I became much more involved in drugs and alcohol. That was a spiral that led me into absolute depravity of drug addiction,” he said.
    “As I got older I wasn’t nearly as violent because I wasn’t physically able to engage in that kind of combat any more. So I began to medicate myself rather extensively. And so I knew I was getting sicker and sicker and I went to my employer and I said to him I think I have a problem with drugs and alcohol and he said I think you do too. So I went into a drug rehab center for a month to get cleaned up and was sober about a year as a young man. I was in my late twenties by this time.”
    Hieb went to a silent retreat for three days -- no talking, just men seeking God, and was the youngest man there. “We listened to the minister as he preached on Romans chapters six, seven, and eight and it had a profound impact on me, so much so that I went back to my room and there was a Bible there and I began to read from the book of Matthew and I got to about chapter seven, maybe chapter six I don’t remember, but I remember saying out loud ‘this is true.’ This Jesus really was and He really did these things. This is true. I sat the book down and began to ponder the things of God and I began to struggle internally, emotionally, spiritually -- there was a war going on for my life. And I remember crying out to God ‘what do you want from me?’ And He said through the spirit in my heart I heard a quickening that said ‘you just need to let go and surrender.’ And it was a struggle, there was a lot of agony and tears involved that day, and I let go. I just literally released everything in my life unto God.”
    Hieb got up, got dressed and outside there was a blizzard-like snow storm. It was February 7, 1981 a Saturday afternoon at three o’clock.
    “I got up and began to walk through what was known as and still known as the Stations of the Cross. And I had what some people would refer to as an open vision where I was actually on the road to Calvary among in the crowd watching Jesus carry his cross towards Golgotha. And he fell for the third time and I remember crying out ‘Simon help him.’ and I just broke. I fell in the snow and I had a very large black beard and the tears were freezing on my face, and I had a profound encounter with Christ on the road to Calvary.”
    Hieb got up and went back to his room, laid down and the struggle continued. “And I cried out to God one more time and I felt the presence of God like never before. It seemed like he was with me in that room for three or four hours. And I got up the next morning and I went running to the minister and I told him what had happened to me and he started to cry and he looked at me and he said do you know how good God has been to you? Being young and immature I smiled and cried back ‘yes I do.’”
    But the story doesn’t end there, he said. “There was a former contractor that I had hurt financially, very extensively. I went to apologize and ask him to forgive me, and as I was sitting there talking to him he said to me it sounds like you’re Born Again. And I said I didn’t know anything about being Born Again or about the church or the Bible, or Christianity.
    “I’d heard it preached and I read it, and I believed Jesus, but I didn’t understand the Gospel because I wasn’t involved with any Christianity. So he said it sounds to me like you’re Born Again and I said I don’t know if I’d go that far, just in my ignorance.”
    The man asked him to do a favor: “I’m going to ask you to go tell my wife what you just told me. I said sure. He said no right now, so I got in my truck and I drove to his mansion and I went into the house and she was standing by a fireplace I walked towards her and I told her what happened to me. And she began to weep and looked at me and said ‘Bill, we’ve been praying for you for ten years.’ I said thank you. And I left there knowing that something spiritual had really happened in my life and that I needed to consider what I was going to do about that.”
    Hieb knew another Christian at work whose name was Wesley, a much older man as many of Hieb’s friends were at the time. “And he began to disciple me and encourage me to get into a church and to understand the Gospel and he personally discipled me through the book of Acts. He died a year ago, he was like a father to me. It was very difficult to see him go. But I know that he’s in glory and I thank God he was in my life.
    “So I became zealous in the Word and seeking God and praying. I learned how to pray and fast. I was going to church, listening to the Word and studying. I would listen to Christian television back in the early days of evangelical Christian television. I don’t listen to much of it these days. But there was a call on my life, I just didn’t really know what it was or how I would go about responding.”
    A third friend of Hieb’s said he believed he was called to be a pastor. “At the same time I sensed the Lord saying he’s talking about you and I immediately got frightened because I didn’t feel that I wanted to pastor anything.”
    Hieb says he “just let that sit and didn’t get too involved” because he was a little afraid of it. He found a good church in Hudson, Wisconsin, led by Pastor Tim.
    “I deeply loved him, I quote him more than any other man -- he had a significant impact on my life,” Hieb said.
    Hieb began working in a prison ministry, where a lot of his friends were.
    “Many of them had died, but many of them were still in prison. I would go to the prison and minister every Saturday for eight years. Eventually the prison said you need credentials to do this or we’re going to have to release you. I went to my pastor and said what do you think and he said yes. So we pursued credentialing and I got my credentials as a minister of the Gospel and I continued working in Stillwater Prison. I also went to work for Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship and was a certified instructor for them.”
    Hieb really enjoyed prison ministry, and was very active in that role.
    “I was able to relate to the men because of their lifestyle, their street sense. I’ve gotten set free from street ethics, but there’s still a tendency for me to understand acutely ‘the criminal mind’ if you will. Even though I have a renewed mind, I understand and can relate to where they are. Most of them have experienced rather unhealthy father figures and so their role model maybe as a father is just so distorted, as was mine. My father was an over the road truck driver and we didn’t see much of him and when we did see him he was angry and he did take that out on us physically and on our mother.”
    Hieb said he has dealt with the father wound because his father came to know Christ “and I loved him, particularly at the end.”
    He continued: “I was honored to be able to officiate at my father’s funeral both in Arizona and Minnesota and gave an altar call in front of my entire family in Minnesota and all my brothers stood up and responded to the invitation -- every one of them. And I’ve since buried, officiated, two of my brother’s funerals as well as my mother. So in some sense I’m what you’d consider the family patriarch, unfortunately, even though I’m not the oldest. They all call me and look to me for various insights. It’s an honor.”
    How and in what ways in those years did he see that God was preparing him for what he’s doing now?
    CLIMB Institure logo. (Submitted graphic). “Well, like I said, even when He prepared me for the license to go back into the prison ministry, one of the questions that was on the paper they asked me was we want you to get up in front of a church and tell them why God’s call is on your life. I was lying in bed, and I was asking God in prayer what am I going to tell them? I’m not just going to say that I want a license so that I can go into the prison, if your call is on my life I need to know that. This is not just a registration.” Hieb says he got up in the middle of the night and sought the Lord for an answer. “It was like the Lord was saying to me I can give you the highest office if you’ll accept the lowest call. And I said I’ll take it. And I wept all the way to work. Because I knew all my life I wanted to be something and that God was calling me to be something by being nothing. And I answered that call, I accepted that assignment. So I moved out of jail ministry into planting a church and that church has flourished in many respects.” Hieb has pastored Riverside Church, in Somerset, Wisconsin for the last twenty years. He and Kay, his wife of 22 years, will celebrate the church’s anniversary on March 7th. Between them they have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. “The church hasn’t really flourished in the eyes of some -- it has under a hundred people, but I found what it is I was created for. I even tried to run from God and go on a missions trip by myself, and when I came home I told God ‘see I’m not a pastor, I’m a missionary. I can do that alone, I don’t have to interact with people and conflicts.’” His step father was a police officer and Hieb had considered other career options, including being a physician. “I wasn’t really interested in law enforcement as much as I wanted to be a physician. I believed I was being groomed all my life by my family to be an obstetric/pediatrician. That was a passion of mine for many, many, many years. I worked in a pharmacy and I began to study, I even went to a military high school before I got arrested and incarcerated,” he said. “I come from a family of soldiers, and I was going to be an officer and a doctor. But that didn’t happen. That was my plan -- man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps. The Lord had a different plan. I wanted to be a photographer also. I loved to travel, I love cross-cultural interaction. I’ve learned a couple of languages, not completely, but partially -- enough to get by, Russian and Spanish. I took German in high school. So I can fit in in a lot of different cultures with my appearance. I look both like an Arab and a Jewish man and I could fit as a German I suppose, certainly Russian which is what I am. But I thought that missions was going to be my call, but it is in the sense that I’ve been on over fifty missions trips and planted many churches. There was a time in our ministry when we had over a thousand churches -- less than a hundred people in our own church -- but over a thousand churches worldwide! I don’t understand that.”
    Hieb has worked in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Ukraine, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mozambique, India, and Mexico.
    “I’ve been very busy planting colleges. We have many, many colleges around the world. Guatemala, Kenya, India, to name a few.”
    And it was out of that missionary vision that CLIMB School, an international ministry, training missionaries in several countries ( came about.
    The Christian Leadership Institute of Minnesota & Beyond (CLIMB) is a non-profit Christian Institute networked and dedicated to helping churches provide a planned Christian education curriculum to their community.
    The CLIMB curriculum provides the basic scriptural teaching base necessary to maintain credit integrity; all-the-while allowing a church to teach their own doctoral flavor on any particular subject. There are no start-up fees to begin domestic CLIMB classes. Small tuition fees per student are charged in order to provide instructor and administration fees.
    You may contact Rev. Bill Hieb for more information on the CLIMB School at .
    Read more of Bill Hieb’s testimony and the founding of CLIMB Schools around the world in the next installment on ASSIST News Service
    **ANS would like to thank Robin Frost for transcribing this interview. "



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  • Ethnicities

    Italian Mafia Documentary, from
    "NHD documentary about the italian mafia. "

    Mexican Mafia Part 1 (High Definition)

    "A documentary about the Mexican Mafia"



    "Michael Ruppert from confronts Bill Clinton's CIA Director John Deutch about the CIA's involvement in cocaine smuggling. He goes further in this documentary in detail about how exactly drug money is laundered into Wall Street. He concludes that 9/11 was orchestrated as a pretense to further Wall Street's cause of laundering opium money from Afghanistan and America's conquest in securing the world's natural resources in the face of PEAK OIL "
    *see 9-11-01 & GoodnewsEverybody: Science-Environmental Oil

  • "From The Wilderness"

  • Michael Ruppert From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "...After graduation from UCLA, he was assigned to Wilshire Division patrol, and excelled at patrol work and was subsequently sent on detective assignments, including burglary and homicide. He was later recommended by the narcotics officer-in-charge to attend a two-week DEA training school held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Narcotics was Ruppert's chosen specialty, and has given expert court testimony on the subject 27 times.
    In 1977, Ruppert discovered an extensive drug trafficking operation run by the Central Intelligence Agency and went on record about this ongoing criminal activity. He resigned from the LAPD in 1978 despite earning the highest rating reports possible, over the tolerance of continued CIA drug dealing activities.[3] Ruppert's personal experience with death threats, 3 shooting attempts on him, aggressive intimidation over his attempted exposure of these illegal drug activities within Los Angeles, and his ethical conflict with tolerance of these activities, was the catalyst for the resignation.[4].."
    In 1996 Ruppert achieved some justice through his comments at a televised visit of then Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch to South Central Los Angeles. Deutch had made the trip to Los Angeles to dispel rumors in the black community that followed the publication of Gary Webb's series in the San Jose Mercury News revealing evidence of CIA connections to cocaine dealers in the city, and evidence of CIA and Contra's cocaine trafficking in the US. Webb was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American investigative journalist, best known for his 1996 Dark Alliance investigative report.[5] In Webb's three-part series (later published as a book titled Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion), Webb investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had allegedly distributed crack cocaine into Los Angeles and funneled profits to the Contras. Webb also proved that this influx of Nicaraguan supplied cocaine sparked and significantly fueled the widespread crack epidemic that swept through urban areas...

    *see African-American Outreach
    "...Ruppert went on to become an aggressive investigator and Journalist,[8] as well as establishing the publication From The Wilderness, a watch dog group that exposes governmental corruption, including his experience with CIA drug dealing activities.[9] From The Wilderness, was read, before being shut down,[10] in more than 50 countries around the world. Its subscribers include 60-plus members of the US Congress, professors at more than 40 universities around the world, and major business and economic leaders. Since 9/11 Ruppert has been in demand as a university lecturer and has spoken on Peak Oil and 9/11 in nine countries. Recently, at the request of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, he served as an official questioner during a Congressional briefing looking into unanswered questions and the unaddressed flaws of the Keane 9/11 Commission report.
    History Channel - America's Secret War 3 of 5

    "History Channel's "History's Mysteries": Mind Control - America's Secret War 3 of 5 US Gov't, CIA & Cold War: Mind control experiments on unknowing/unwilling human guinea pigs by the US Government: NOT crackpot conspiracy theorys but documented facts! "

    *more on Health Issues-Depression, Lonely, Sad, etc.. & LA: Clinic, Doctors, Hospital, Medical, Physicians, Pre-Med, etc......experiments!



    Ryan Blair - The Death Cycle

  • Entrepreneurship: Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain Provided by Forbes by Dan Schawbel, contributor | Power Your Future – Wed, Aug 10, 2011 2:31 PM EDT

  • "...What three business lessons did you learn from juvenile detention?
    I learned a lot about business and life from my time spent incarcerated. I like to call these pieces of wisdom my Philosophies from the Jail Cell to the Boardroom. One of the biggest lessons I learned was that in Juvenile Hall, new guys always get tested. When I went in the first time, I was just a skinny little white kid and I had to learn fast. People will be bumping into you on the basketball court, or asking you for things, testing to see if you're tough.
    And everyone knew that if a guy let someone take their milk during lunchtime, they weren't as tough as they looked. Soon you'd be taking their milk everyday, and so would everyone else. It's the same for business, if you give people the impression that you can be taken, you will be.
    Also, adaptation is the key to survival. In jail the guy who rises to power isn't always the strongest or the smartest. As prisoners come and go, he's the one that adapts to the changing environment, while influencing the right people. You can use this in business, staying abreast of market trends, changing your game plan as technology shifts, and adapting our strategy around your company's strongest competitive advantages. Darwin was absolutely right — survival is a matter of how you respond to change.
    The last lesson I got from jail is that you have to learn how to read people. You don't know who to trust. It's the same for business because a lot of people come into my office with a front. I have to figure out quickly who is the real deal and who isn't. Based on that fact, I developed an HR system that I use when interviewing potential new hires that I call the Connect Four Technique. Yep, you guessed it. I make my future employees — and I have hundreds of them — play me in Connect Four...

    Nothing to Lose Author Ryan Blair - Serial Entrepreneur

    *see Life: Mentoring-Discipling, Disciples, Mentoring, Mentors, Big-Little Friend, Role-Modeling, etc...


  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Handwriting on the Wall, from

  • "The gang is initially impressed with some graffiti on the fence nearby the school until their teacher announces their field trip to the shipyards will be cancelled due to the"


  • Basic 2003 movie from (official site)

  • Basic, movie (video) trailer preview and review

    Basic (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "...Dunbar also claims that Mueller and Kendall were selling prescription drug injection kits called "combat cocktails" which help dull physical pain and sharpen the mind, and that Mueller shot West because West was aware of their drug dealing....At Hardy's request, Dunbar provides proof of the alleged drug-dealing operation. He also says that it was Vilmer who supplied the drugs to Mueller and Kendall....There is rumored to be a group of ex-Rangers in Panama, trained under West, who turned rogue and became drug-dealers. They call themselves Section 8....To prove his story, he gives Hardy, Osborne and Styles (who is also present at this interrogation), the number of a crate where Vilmer had stowed cocaine...It is revealed that Section 8 is actually a special black-ops anti-drug unit led by Hardy...


    D-Boy Outreach Center - Christian Hip-Hop Artist Trust

    "Christian Rapper Trust performs his song "Wut Is It" at the D-Boy Outreach Center in Garland, Texas.
    The center moves teens away from gangs and drugs through weekly "street church" meetings where they play pool, basketball, video games and enjoy live Christian Hip-Hop concerts. "

    Stockton Peniel Neighborhood Center Field Video
    > "Full video discussing World Gospel Mission\'s outreach to inner-city youth in Stockton, CA."
    Street Talk Ministries, Ch. 58 News, Local street ministry prepares to bring hope to troubled neighborhoods

    "Local Milwaukee WI Channel 58 airs segment showing how Street Talk Ministries, led by Pastor Marty Calderon, is helping to address violence in schools"


  • Gangs OR Us

  • " The Business of Gangs, Gang Members, and Gang Identification
    Gangs are our business and we wish to thank you for choosing our web site, Gangs OR Us, to learn about gangs.
    On our many pages you will find over 1200 external gang videos and text links about street gangs and prison gangs that will teach about street gangs and prison gangs, gang identification of clothing, colors, graffiti, marks, and tattoos, investigations, prosecutions, rivalries, and alliances.
    When you are ready to begin your search for information, click the categories in the menu on the left side. These categories will take you to many topics concerning street gangs, their prison gang counter-parts and how to identify them. Enjoy your visit and please feel free to come back often.
    Where do we find gangs??
    Odds are that you have street gangs in your community. Gangs are no longer confined to the large urban communities. They are now found in many of the smallest of towns across America and are no longer just low income, poorly educated, drop-outs from society. Gang members are now found to be a mixture of ALL races, cultures and ethnicities. No longer do the members come from a one parent family who is never available to show love and guidance to the child. Our youth of today are sometimes joining gangs even though they live with both parents who are in the middle income or even the upper income segments of society.
    Too often the phrase, “We don’t have gangs in our community” is uttered by the city fathers, the police, the chamber of commerce or the tourist bureau. This is often followed by, “All we have are a bunch of wannabes.” The inference here is that since the gangs in the community didn’t originate in Los Angeles or Chicago, they aren’t real gangs. Nothing could be further from the truth. If a group of youths in your community have banned together and call themselves by a particular name; if they use signs, symbols and or colors; and if they are committing crimes; they are a gang – regardless of what members of the community say.
    It is easy to understand why any community, large or small, might deny the existence of gangs within the community - no community wants the stigma of having gangs. However, by denying the existence of gang activity, the community is doing the gangs a favor - they are allowing the gangs to develop, grow stronger in numbers and develop a power base.

    What are top ten gangs in the world?
    M16's mexican gang
    Mexican Mafia
    Nuestra Familia
    Aryan Brotherhood
    Florencia 13
    38th St
    Los Aztecas Vagos


    No Easy ride

    "After several years in a Bike Club, the Hells Angels ©, 20 years of drug use, 8 years in prison and 6 years a fugitive from the FBI I was set free."

  • Walk Across America * Journal , from The Official Website of Arthur Blessitt

  • " The Cross
    We needed a life'‘size cross hanging on the stage with colored lights on it so the cross would immediately impact everyone who walked in. Young people stoned on drugs or drunk would never forget the cross. We needed something visual to go with the spoken word, to point the way to life in Christ. We were getting cable spools to use as tables from an electric company in Santa Monica where we found the cross beams used for big light poles, four-foot by four-foot, and soaked in creosote to preserve them. These would make the perfect "old rugged cross."
    Back in our building one of my co-workers on the streets, and I cut a piece out of the center of the beams so the two pieces would fit together and form the cross. After drilling the hole and putting in the bolt, we realized that we had no wrench to tighten the bolt. At that moment I heard the roar of a Harley Davidson. Looking out the front window I saw Tom getting off his chopper. I knew him from all the time I had spend sharing Christ with the Hell's Angels. Tom was as tough as they come. He was one of the original charter members of Hell's Angels. He was a middle-aged, shorter than I, with thick, strong shoulders, bearded and long hair.
    "Hey, Tom! "I called as I walked out the door, "Do you have a wrench I can borrow? It will only take a minute." "Yeah, I got one." He reached down and pulled one out.
    "I just want to tighten a bolt." "Hey, I'll do it for you," he said as he followed me in.
    "Over there," I replied as I pointed. The cross, 12 feet long by six feet wide, was lying on the floor. It was an impressive sight. "Here is a bolt right here." He froze in his steps. His big, rugged face filled with shock. "What is it?" "It's a cross." "Hey man, you do it," and he backed away from the cross. As I began to tighten the bolt, I was amazed at his response. The big, tough, fearsome fellow had encountered the cross. It had shocked him. Cut him to his heart. And he didn't want to touch it. No, not the cross. "Hey, come back tonight and see it on the wall," I said, handing him his wrench. "No, no. I'm not coming back," he said, shaking his head.
    "Well, come back sometime. Jesus loves you, Tom. This cross is not the message of death, but life. He died for you and rose again. You can have real life in Him. You can be free inside."
    "No," Tom sighed. "I don't want nothin' to do with the cross."
    “Man, you are already a part of it," I smiled. "Because your wrench tightened down the center bolt." He dropped his head and turned to leave. "I'll think about it," He said as he walked slowly out the door.
    The cross in His Place just before the start of the walk
    After Tom left, I knelt at the cross, dedicating it to Jesus for His glory. I prayed for Tom. "Jesus, I claim this man for You. He was the first person to encounter this cross; I pray that he will be saved. I pray that he will not forget what he saw here today. All day as he goes around, bring the cross to his mind. When he goes to sleep make him dream of the cross. Draw him to Yourself." Tears filled my eyes and I wept as I lifted the cross to hang it on the wall.
    Four days later Tom came walking into HIS PLACE and started staring at the cross hanging from the wall of the stage. "Tom, Jesus loves you," I said softly. "You know," Tom said. "I just can't get this cross out of my mind. Everywhere I go I keep seeing it lying down there on the floor. I even dreamed about it. It's strange how I drove up just at the time you needed that wrench." "No, it's not strange, Tom." I said. "Because God wants you. He is drawing you to Himself. He brought you to the cross, now He brought you back. Jesus loves you so much. He suffered and died for every sinful thing you've ever done. Open your heart and you can know Him. Repent and He will cleanse you."
    After a short time we went up to the prayer room on the second floor, sat down and I showed him in the Bible how to be saved and then we prayed together. He was born into the family of God. During the next two weeks I spent a lot of time with him, teaching him the word of God. Two weeks after his conversion he was killed on his motorcycle on the Hollywood Freeway. I preached his funeral with scores of Hell's Angels attending. Five more bikers were converted there. The first person that had anything to do with the cross was converted and that had set a pattern for ever after. People see the cross, hear the word, and meet the living Christ.
    Every night at HIS PLACE I preached at midnight, standing under the cross. People came to pray at our altar under the towering cross."

    *see Movies: The Passion, Crucification, Easter, Resurrection, etc..


    The Cross and The Switchblade 1

    "nicky cruz "
    boyz n the hood trailer

  • Trailer - Colors [MGM] by:Igor, from

  • Finding Hope Now the Movie

  • Adrian shares his heart for gangs

    "Adrian\'s life-changing story was used to create a character in the award winning screenplay and soon to be produced movie Finding Hope Now."
    Vanna's story of redemption., from
    " Vanna's life-changing story of redemption was used to create the fictional character in the screenplay and soon to be produced full-length feature film Finding Hope Now. "
    Gangs of New York - Trailer

    " - Martin Scorsese presents Gangs of New York --- Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Released in 2002. "
    Keep The Faith Trailer

    " Christianity and gangs "
    Menace II Society Theatrical Trailer

    "The Menace II Society theatrical trailer


    Shawn McDonald - Live on CNN

    "Shawn talks about his past life with Drugs and how he became a Christian... Bible Verse: Acts 20:24 But I hold not my life of any account as dear unto myself, so that I may accomplish my course, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. "
    ""Drugs Or Jesus" (lyrics)

    In my home town For anyone who sticks around You're either lost or you're found There's not much in between In my home town Everything's still black and white It's a long, long way from wrong to right From Sunday morning to Saturday night

    Everybody just wants to get high Sit and watch a perfect world go by We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives We follow the roads that lead us To drugs or Jesus

    My whole life I've tried to run, I've tried to hide From the stained glass windows in my mind Refusing to let God's light shine Down on me Down on me

    Everybody just wants to get high Sit and watch a perfect world go by We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives There's not much space between us Drugs or Jesus

    Everybody wants acceptance We all just want some proof Everyone's just looking for the truth

    Everybody just wants to get high Sit and watch a perfect world go by We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives We follow the roads that lead us To drugs or Jesus"

    I heard this cool song for the first time when my housemate (Shalon) and I were watching CMT this afternoon (Wednesday, September 21st of 2005). I thought the video had an awesome message that folks in Morris can relate too!

  • Imperials
  • Jason Morales of the Imperials talks about getting off drugs

    "Jason Morales of the Imperials tells how he was distracted in high school by drugs and alcohol and didn't want God to be in control. When he started running sound for the Imperials he began to see what the real Christian life looked like. Jeremiah 29:11-12 got his attention and brough him back to the Lord and off drugs. And he hasn't looked back since. "
    *see Bible
    -Heavy Metal/Rock
    Korn - Head2Christ - The FULL video

    "Korn Guitar Player turns to Christ from Fame and Drugs"
    -Hip Hop
    The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?

    *see Social Issues-Bullying, Criminals, Homicides, Murders-Killings, Shootings, Stabbings, Violence, etc...
    2Face : Rescued from Gang Life -

    "Twin brothers involved with gangs find Christ after one nearly dies. Now they minister through Christ focused rap music as 2Face. See how Jesus Christ saved them from gang life , violence and drugs. The Christian Broadcasting Network . To see testimonies from CBN and The 700 Club , go To learn how Jesus can change your life, go to"


    MS13 Mara Salvatrucha Trece The Most Dangerous Gang Video 01

    "Part 1 - MS 13 Mara Salvatrucha Trece. MS-13. The letter "M" is the 13th letter in the alphabet. The number 13 is superstitiously known as a number to be feared. Pretty fitting, considering the MS-13 Gang is now the most feared gang in all of America. Its violence is wreaking havoc on a growing number of cities and small communities across the country - making the MS-13 Gang "a terrorist organization right in our own backyard," according Detroit Police Sgt. Harold Rochon, an expert trainer on gangs and the author of a book titled, "Terrorists in Designer Jeans." This one-hour training broadcast will cover everything you need to know about the MS-13 Gang, from its origin to its identifiers - such as graffiti, tattoos, gang hand-signs and gang colors, to its method of recruiting, drug dealing, and plotting violent crimes in our communities - with a goal to help you gain the knowledge that will give you the power to better arm your agency in getting a grip on the drugs and crime that the MS-13 Gang is infiltrating into your jurisdiction."
    MS-13 gang racists kill whites veterans memorial new haven, from
    "Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) gang, which is the main importer of illegal aliens, meth, and cocaine into the United States has vandalized a veteran's memorial in New Haven, CT.
    Gang Tags include the phrase Kill Whites and deface a Viet Nam Memorial.
    You may remember that New Haven, CT has given illegal immigrants ID cards and that ALIPAC made national press for our fliers encouraging illegals to go to New Haven, CT."


  • BryantHendricks, from it's prayer time
  • Christian's..countless A-Z
  • Power to Change

  • Gang Talk Channel

  • Gangs

    Nicky Cruz testimony: Gangs to God

    " Nicky Cruz testimony: Gangs to God "

    Treatment Centers

  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse-Teens/Adolescents, from Keystone Treatment Center-the rural community of Canton, SD, 25 miles from Sioux Falls
  • Narconon Southern California
  • Teen Challenge

  • Teen Challenge - President Bush

    "Teen Challenge is a faith base drug and alcohol rehab all around the world."


  • Spirit Life T.V.
  • Rose Murilo

    "Rose at an early age was invoved in gangs and sought for love in all the wrong places, but God had a different plan."


    *evidence of a universal/global problem


  • Economic Report from United Nations, from Drug War Facts
  • A Guide to Young People & The Law, from Tamesdie-United Kingdom
  • Geography



  • The Taliban’s Opium War The difficulties and dangers of the eradication program. by Jon Lee Anderson July 9, 2007

  • " While destroying a field of opium poppies in Uruzgan Province, members of the Afghan Eradication Force came under fire in an ambush apparently orchestrated by the Taliban. Photograph by Aaron Huey.
    ...Working first with the D.E.A. and then with the State Department, Wankel helped create the Afghan Eradication Force, with troops of the Afghan National Police drawn from the Ministry of the Interior. Last year, an estimated four hundred thousand acres of opium poppies were planted in Afghanistan, a fifty-nine-per-cent increase over the previous year. Afghanistan now supplies more than ninety-two per cent of the world’s opium, the raw ingredient of heroin. More than half the country’s annual G.D.P., some $3.1 billion, is believed to come from the drug trade, and narcotics officials believe that part of the money is funding the Taliban insurgency...

    AFGHANISTAN OPIUM: Financing the Enemy; Expanding the War

    "CIA says Afghan Opium Trafficking pays for al-Queda's world-wide terror attacks and also pays for the IED's that kill and cripple our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan:"
    Afghanistan's Great Film Hope By Aryn Baker / Kabul Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009
    "...Opium War, Afghanistan's entry for Best Foreign Language Film at this year's Oscars and the follow-up to Barmak's Osama, which won a Golden Globe in 2004, is a black comedy. Barmak wasn't expecting the making-of story to be quite as absurd. Still, he is sanguine. "All these disasters, this struggle and search, that's what making a film is all about," says the 46-year-old director. "It's the perfect parable for Afghanistan: nothing ever works the way you think it will."
    Which, in a way, is what Opium War is all about. The film follows the story of two American soldiers who barely survive a helicopter crash behind enemy lines, only to land in a far more dangerous situation — the convoluted and toxic dramas of a refugee family forced to rely on poppy to survive. As the soldiers and the Afghans warily circle each other misunderstandings abound. The refugees have taken shelter under abandoned Soviet army tanks, which the soldiers mistake for a Taliban encampment. They open fire, setting the stage for anger and frustration. The Afghans fear the soldiers are after their opium crop, or, when one of the soldiers tries to make friends with a toddler, that the foreigners want to take their children. For Barmak, it's a thinly veiled criticism of how the U.S. has conducted its war in Afghanistan...

  • Xi Shengmo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "...also known as Pastor Hsi, was a Chinese Christian leader. He was born Xi Liaozhi in a village near Linfen, became a Confucian scholar, and after his conversion to Christianity changed his given name to Shengmo or Conqueror of Demons. Having been an opium addict himself, he ran a ministry to opium addicts in many locations over a considerable area. There is more written about Xi than any other 19th century Chinese Protestant, due largely to the two-volume biography written about him by Geraldine Taylor of the China Inland Mission.
    David Hill was instrumental in introducing Xi to Christianity. After his conversion, Pastor Xi fabricated his own medications made of morphia to treat opium addicts and many sick people were brought to him for healing. Prayer was a major factor in his treatments and a number of the recoveries were considered miraculous[1]:
    At this time I still smoked opium. I tried to break it off by means of native medicine, but could not; by use of foreign medicine, but failed. At last I saw, in reading the New Testament, that there was a Holy Spirit who could help men. I prayed to God to give me His Holy Spirit. He did what man and medicine could not do; He enabled me to break off opium smoking. So, my friends, if you would break off opium, don’t rely on medicine, don’t lean on man, but trust to God. (Transcribed oral testimony of Xi from "Days of Blessing in Inland China")
    Xi also wrote numerous Chinese Christian hymns, which were considered more to the liking of the local people than the hymns introduced by the missionaries. But perhaps the most notable thing about him was the way in which he led out in the Christian missionary work in his area. The general pattern was for Western Christians to enter an area, raise up churches and then train local people as pastors and evangelists. Xi Shengmo took hold of the work with such skill and energy that the missionaries stood aside, to a considerable extent, as he established clinics and churches...

  • Testimony of an opium addict in Persian (Farsi) "I was dead and then I found Life through Jesus"

  • -Laos
  • Laos' Secret Drug War Lives On Vang Pao and the CIA New America Media, News Analysis, Peter Dale Scott, Posted: Jun 12, 2007

  • "..American newspapers have paid little attention to what the London Daily Telegraph pointed out on Wed., June 7, that during the CIA’s “secret war” in Laos in the 1960s and 1970s, “Vang Pao's forces, 40,000-strong at their peak, were largely funded by the heroin trade, with raw opium transported on the airplanes and helicopters of Air America, the private airline of his CIA supporters."
    During the Vietnam War Vang Pao trafficked with impunity through the CIA bases of Long Tieng, which eventually was home to a heroin lab, and Pakse in southern Laos. For years the American press turned a blind eye, until 1971, that is, when it was clear that his dope was reaching not just U.S. troops in Vietnam but the continental United States....
    Vang Pao’s CIA handler, Anthony “Tony Poe” Poshepny, once told the PBS program Frontline that Vang Pao “was making millions” from the drug trade. “He had his own avenue for selling heroin. He put his money in U.S. bank accounts and Swiss banks, and we all knew it.” Poshepny also complained about Vang Pao’s acquisition of “Mercedes Benz, apartments and hotels and homes."

    *see Issues: Greedy, Rich, Wealthy, etc...
    "...In 2004 Laos joined the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and since then, with U.S. and CIA support, has been collaborating in the ASEAN plan for gradual elimination of opium poppy cultivation. The 2006 World Drug Report announced that, for the first time in memory, Laos “is no longer an important producer of opium."
    The entire "golden triangle" (Laos, Myanmar, northern Thailand) now produces twelve percent or less of global production. Once dominant in the world heroin market, the “golden triangle” has been displaced by Afghanistan, especially since the ouster of the Taliban in 2001....
    ...Once again, as in the past, reluctance to explore these questions involving the CIA and drugs could end up protecting and contributing to our national drug scourge."


    "--take us on a journey into the physical heart of the conflict: Top secret Long Cheng, where the CIA built its headquarters in 1962. It was from this base that the Secret War was largely planned and executed. As the war dragged on, Long Cheng became the busiest airbase in the world and a major center for the global opium and heroin trade. As we journey into Long Cheng for the first time --
  • Laos' Terrible Legacy

  • "Guerrilla Armies, Opium Payrolls The USA recruited 60,000 Hmong hill tribe villagers to fight in the war. These soldiers were paid with special funds earned through CIA-supported opium trafficking...
    *see GoodnewsEverybody Asian -Hmong Outreach



  • Drug violence spins Mexico toward 'civil war', updated 8:41 a.m. EST, Thu February 19, 2009 (

  • "...Mexico, a country with a nearly 2,000-mile border with the United States, is undergoing a horrifying wave of violence that some are likening to a civil war. Drug traffickers battle fiercely with each other and Mexican authorities. The homicide rate reached a record level in 2008 and indications are that the carnage could be exceeded this year.
    Every day, newspapers and the airwaves are filled with stories and images of beheadings and other gruesome killings. Wednesday's front page on Mexico City's La Prensa carried a large banner headline that simply said "Hysteria!" The entire page was devoted to photos of bloody bodies and grim-faced soldiers. One photo shows a man with two young children walking across a street with an army vehicle in the background, with a soldier standing at a turret machine gun....
    Pastor and Hakim note that the United States helps fuel the violence, not only by providing a ready market for illegal drugs, but also by supplying the vast majority of weapons used by drug gangs.
    Pastor says there are at least 6,600 U.S. gun shops within 100 miles of the Mexican border and more than 90 percent of weapons in Mexico come from the United States.
    And it's not just handguns. Drug traffickers used a bazooka in Tuesday's shootout with federal police and army soldiers in Reynosa, Mexico, across the border from McAllen, Texas....
    In one recent instance, Noe Ramirez Mandujano, who was the nation's top anti-drug official from 2006 until August 2008, was arrested on charges that he accepted $450,000 a month in bribes from drug traffickers while in office...

    Terrorists May Exploit Mexico Drug Cartels Submitted by Homeland Security NTARC News on Tuesday, 17 October 2006t
    "Mexican drug cartels are strengthening and pose a risk that terrorists will exploit them to smuggle weapons of mass destruction across the U.S. border, according to a new report by Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin.
    In his report, McCaul highlighted recent capture reports along the Mexican border that worry him: the discovery in South Texas’ Jim Hogg County of a jacket with patches depicting Arabic military badges, planes heading to a tower and the word “martyr,” the capture of a Hezbollah operative who bribed his way into Mexico and was smuggled across the border and the discovery of Iraqis in Brownsville this summer, among other detentions....

    hezbollah and hamas a terrorist gang sold drugs (Mexico: Alerta Pueblo Mexicano), from
    "Hezbollah and Hamas a terrorist gang sold drugs and serve God say "what god?" satanas that even is god
    U.S. Government: Hamas, Hezbollah Collaborating with Mexican Drug Cartels ...
    Editors note: Of course, this is utter nonsense. The CIA — in collaboration with Wall Street banks and the Pentagon, is behind the Mexican drug cartels — not Muslims. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as is by now well-known by anyone who has cared to be informed, has long been deeply involved in the international trafficking of the addictive drugs heroin and (since the early 1980s, if not earlier) cocaine, the enormous profits from which have financed, and continue to finance, both U.S. covert operations and the U.S. military (via payments to Pentagon contractors). — The CIA Americas Premier International Terrorist Organization.
    Mexican Drug Cartels & Islamic Radicals Working Together.."

    *see Religious: Islam, Muslim, Qu'ran/Koran, Allah, Mohammed, etc...
    Civil War In Mexico!

    "Civil war and vigilantism gripping Mexico Link to article:
    Beheadings in Mexico: The Foreign Element in Mexico's Drug Wars May 13, 2006 | 0000 GMT
    "On May 8, authorities in the town of Aguaje in Mexico's Michoacan state found the beheaded body of Hector Espinoza, a lawyer whose client had been detained by authorities on suspicion of belonging to a drug cartel. The gruesome discovery came nearly three weeks after two police officers were beheaded in the resort city of Acapulco. Although beheadings bring jihadist groups to mind, these more likely were perpetrated by criminals or militants from elsewhere in Latin America.
    Espinoza was defending Armando Sanchez Arreguin, an alleged member of an independent drug cartel led by Juan Farías, also known as "the Grandfather." Arreguin was captured after being wounded in a shootout with the rival Millennium cartel. His lawyer's severed head was hung from an archway that serves as one of the entrances to Aguaje. A homemade "welcome" sign was affixed nearby. ....



  • Exodus International Ministries
  • *see GoodnewsEverybody: Asian-Russian


  • Top 10: Notorious Gangs, from

  • "No.10 - Area Boys
    Territory: Lagos, Nigeria Criminal activities: Drug trafficking, extortion, murder, inciting riots Number of members: 35,000
    Over the past three decades, Nigeria’s Area Boys have gone from young kids committing crimes of opportunity to a massive if still largely unorganized street gang responsible for acts of extortion and murder. Local authorities, who have made a number of failed humanitarian attempts to eliminate the gang, tie the rising level of violence to a depressed economy, high unemployment and the increasing prevalence of drug addiction among the gang’s members.
    No.9 - Jamaican Posse
    Territory: Jamaica, Eastern United States, UK (known as “Yardies”) Criminal activities: Drug and gun trafficking, witness intimidation, murder Number of members: 13,000 to 20,000
    Known for their use of extreme violence and preference for high-powered weapons of war, like the MAC-10, the Jamaican Posse has strong affiliations with the two major political parties in Jamaica, the People's National Party (PNP) and the Jamaican Labour Party (JLP), as well as the island’s police force and the military.
    Authorities have identified dozens of individual posses within the wider gang. The two most often cited are the Spangler Posse, aligned with the PNP, and the Shower Posse, aligned with the JLP. The Shower Posse reportedly takes its name from the “shower of bullets” it dispenses on its enemies.
    No.8 - Wah Ching
    Territory: Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles Criminal activities: Drug and gun trafficking, extortion, murder, software piracy, burglary, gambling, prostitution, loan sharking Number of members: 7,000-plus
    By some accounts, the origins of Wah Ching go back 300 years, while others date them to the mid-1960s. Whatever the case, their criminal activities are highly diversified, making them extraordinarily good at one thing in particular: making money. The Wah Ching are also violent and sophisticated, as evidenced by two 1995 raids in Los Angeles that uncovered an underground factory run by the Wah Ching featuring $18 million in counterfeit Microsoft products. The raid also found weapons and explosives, namely TNT and C-4.
    No.7 - Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC)
    Territory: Brazilian prison system Criminal activities: Drug and gun trafficking, murder, extortion, prison riots, prison breaks, kidnapping Number of members: 6,000-plus
    Formed in 1993, at Sao Paulo’s Taubate prison, PCC is unlike many gangs in that they have a political agenda, namely to fight the oppressive conditions of the overcrowded prisons. Members are required to take an oath and pay monthly fees that vary depending on whether one is in prison or not. Although most members are incarcerated, they are well-organized, operating with a network of loyalists in and out of prison. In 2006, they flexed their considerable muscle by orchestrating synchronized, simultaneous rebellions in 79 state prisons while inciting violence and anarchy in the city of Sao Paulo.
    No.6 - Aryan Brotherhood (AB)
    Territory: U.S. federal and state prison systems Criminal activities: Drug trafficking, conspiracy, murder, racketeering, contract killing Number of members: 15,000-plus
    Dating back to 1964, the Aryan Brotherhood has a huge presence in the U.S. federal prison system, particularly in California. They are well-organized, well-connected in and out of prison, and they lack the one card authorities could play against them: fear of punishment. What more can you do to a guy on a life sentence with no parole? Not even the death penalty carries any weight. Consequently, the AB have become extraordinary killers. According to the FBI, members make up about one-tenth of 1% of the entire U.S. prison population, but they’re responsible for 18% of all prison murders.
    No.5 - Bloods
    Territory: Los Angeles
    Criminal activities: Murder, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion Number of members: 15,000 to 30,000
    In L.A., experts estimate that there are about 75 Bloods gangs (compare that to over 200 Crips gangs). They have traditionally been understood chiefly through their rivalry with the Crips. During the 1980s, for example, one of the bloodiest rivalries in the history of Los Angeles gangs took place between the Bounty Hunters, one of the area’s largest Bloods gangs, and the Grape Street Crips.
    Bloods gangs were originally just “anti-Crips” gangs, formed in neighborhoods alarmed by the rapid spread of Crips gangs. By the mid-1970s, they unified under the name “Bloods” (a move that contributes to their reputation as being better organized than the Crips), and the wider rivalry between the two gangs began to take shape.
    No.4 - 18th Street Gang
    Territory: Los Angeles, Western and Southern U.S., Central America Criminal activities: Drug and gun trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, contract killing, prostitution Number of members: 65,000
    With 50,000 members in Central America, tens of thousands in the U.S., and believed by some to be operating in 37 states and 10 foreign countries, the 18th Street Gang is organized, disciplined and sophisticated, and depending on which expert you believe, it is even better organized than its primary rival, MS-13.
    Arguably, the 18th Street Gang is the largest gang in Los Angeles County, even though the estimated 15,000 L.A.-area members are spread out into some two dozen individual gangs held together by label only. Furthermore, some experts dispute the perception that gangs like 18th Street Gang have any true connection with the Central American gangs under the same name, like Mara 18.
    No.3 - The Mungiki
    Territory: Nairobi, Kenya Criminal activities: Murder, racketeering, extortion, mutilation, intimidation Number of members: 100,000 to 500,000
    In the Gikuyu language spoken in Kenya, the word "mungiki" means “multitude,” a fitting name for this massive ethnic gang that has developed a reputation for severe brutality -- which they often dole out by way of machete -- and whose calling card in the recent past was nothing short of a severed human head on a stick. They operate in Nairobi’s larger slums, such as Mathare, targeting other ethnic groups and exerting tremendous political clout. Despite their enormous size, little is known or fully understood about the Mungiki -- a trait that contributes to the terror they inspire.
    No.2 - Crips
    Territory: Los Angeles Criminal activities: Drug trafficking, robbery, murder, extortion, ID theft Number of members: 50,000
    The Crips are among the oldest and most notorious street gangs. Their origins go back to a teenager named Raymond Washington who, the legend says, advocated fists, not guns. From its earliest days, one characteristic of the Crips has remained consistent: an inability to develop a single, centralized power structure.
    Like many other street gangs, the Crips are actually a loose confederation of hundreds of localized “sets” across the U.S. In fact, despite their well-known rivalry with the Bloods, a Crip is three times more likely to kill another Crip than he is to kill a Blood. The long, violent rivalry between two Crips gangs, the Eight Tray Gangsters and the Rollin’ 60 Crips, illustrates the point.
    No.1 - Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)
    Territory: Central America, the United States Criminal activities: Drugs, guns and human trafficking, murder, contract killing, extortion, kidnapping Number of members: 70,000
    Right now, the street gang getting the most attention around the world is MS-13. The gang is a product of the Cold War, born of refugees from the 1980s Salvadoran Civil War who landed in Los Angeles. For a street gang, MS-13 operates with extreme organizational efficiency. In fact, they carry out investigations as well as hold local and regional meetings. The recent FBI crackdown on the group (which included the FBI’s declaration that MS-13 is America’s “most violent gang”) will likely not scare them -- this is a gang who kidnapped and killed the son of a Honduran president. They have inspired legislation in Honduras and El Salvador that so harshly targets gang members that even human rights organizations are crying foul.


    The Islamification of Britain: Muslim Gang Attacks Christian Church in Rochdale

    "A Christian church in Rochdale has been attacked for the second time by a gang of up to twenty Muslims in unprovoked attacks which have included anti-white and anti-British racist slurs.
    In the latest incident, Pastor Dennis Rigg of the Zion Baptist church and his brother Mervyn had been setting up the church for their fathers funeral when the gang, described as twenty youths by a local paper, assaulted the pastor and hurled racist abuse.
    The Muslims attacked the pastor and pelted a series of hard snowballs at their heads, as well as shouting hateful slurs relating to their Christian religion and to attacks on Gaza.
    It would appear that the Muslim youths are under the impression that the name of the church is linked somehow to Zionism...."


  • Young People and Illegal Drugs into 2000, from Student Health Education Unit-United Kindom
  • Testimonies

    -Papua New Guinea

  • Papua New Guinea * Journal, from The Official Website of Arthur Blessitt

  • "..Today followed in the steps of yesterday, great and glorious mighty beyond words. I was in town at noon and a man came to see me and said, “Joe is in hiding, would you meet him?' Joe was the head of one of the biggest gangs in Papua New Guinea and one of the country's most wanted criminals. I agreed, and went into a back room to meet with him. The power of God fell on him immediately and he began to weep and was saved. It was awesome! He rounded up about 30 other gang leaders from around the city and they came to see me. I spoke to the group and there seemed to be no response, but then I asked them to come to the cross and pray. Many were saved. People began calling out to Jesus to change their lives and save them. Gang leader after gang leader came to the cross, knelt and prayed and gave their lives to Jesus. Everyone was shaken. Leaders of the two largest gangs in Port Moresby were converted in one day. Tomorrow night we will have a rally. ...
    I've been here less than a week and I've seen 120 gang members saved. Every gang leader in Port Moresby is now converted to Jesus Christ. The main leader who was converted the first day has now turned himself in to the police and he was returned to prison where he had escaped. But soon he will be released for authorities have said they had never seen such a change. ...

    *see Movies: The Passion, Crucification, Easter, Resurrection, etc..
  • Transform

  • 1: Crack dealer, gang leader & Christ - Steve R

    "Part 1 of 3. Christ changes Brixton crack dealer. Now running ex-offenders back to work program with - Christian testimony. "
    2: Drug dealer, gang member now pastor - Frank B

    "Part 2 of 2. A pastor relates how he was set free by Christ from his past nature; and how that path is at the moment and where it is heading. Tried and tested Christian testimony. "


    ( Life: Few, Fewest, Least, Less, Minority,Peer Pressure, etc..)

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