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"We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise."-2 Corinthians 10:12

Selfish somewhat a negative word, but it's true the truth hurts! I'm (Sal) not the best person to write about this issue, but I just want to bring it out! Yes, we can all be self-centered at times or even more! I don't think many of us do this purposely, but unknowingly until someone points it out.

What causes us to be selfish?

Again, I'm not an expert on this topic and the many other issues I've wrote on so far on these weblinks. I just like to share my personal experiences on each them overtime in this season of my life so far. My personal answer has to deal with sin that separates us and our Creator. For example, I struggle with anger, which I get angry easily over little things. As I reflect on my past mistakes dealing with anger, I usually get angry whenever I lose focus of others and draw the attention to my self. One time ok.. many times when I used to come home from work at Taco Bell during and after High School; I easily got mad after a stressful day on the job and would vent off on my family or whoever is at home when I arrive from work. Unfortunately, I kind of do so still after college whenever I come from working at the group home; I'm getting better though as long as I persevere in my personal walk with Christ! The reason I get angry is probably because when I come from work, I've been focussing on me (emotional or physical drain). I come home and everybody is either laughing and relaxing, which I get jealous of this due to comparing my experience (bad) with others (good).

Mark 10 35 45 Mpeg 4 for YouTube

Mark 10:35-45, from

Greatness is in Serving I, from

Self Esteem, Purpose, and Meaning (Paul Washer)

Self Esteem, Purpose, and Meaning (Paul Washer) from needanewstartcom on GodTube.

"Paul preached to about 700 youth at a VCY America Rally on 2/09/08. For more about VCY America, go to:

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves."-Philippians 2:3


What I've been working on lately is to get a whole different perspective or outlook of my circumstances or situation . There is this verse that came to me as I'm writing this from the Bible.

Let me have your eyes Lord?

If we want to know God, I believe He wants us to know His heart and see how He looks at everything. When we do this, we can take our eyes from ourselves and look at everything from his vantage view. Have you ever seen the movie Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey? Well Jim plays this character that gets a chance to have the same powers as God, so he can see what it's like from His vantage view as a lesson to be learn. This lesson to be learned experience was given to Jim because he was complaining to God before how he never gets his way-prayers answered. Well, Jim does get his prayers answered, but due to his selfish prayers that please only him. His answered prayers causes disruption for others and the rest of the world. (One scene: Jim pulls the moon closer in order to have that moonlight romantic atmosphere with his girlfiend played by Jennifer Aniston). This serves as a good example if we get everything we want (prayers, materialistic things, people, or anything that we envy), then there might be some consequences that affects others.

What we need to do is take a second look and ask God what to do in each circumstance or situation before selfishly acting upon it. For example, next time I come home from a stressful day on the job, I need to see what would Jesus do. Would Jesus get mad after a hard day at work when he was a carpenter? From what I've read so far from the Bible, he would be joyful and contented of the work he's doing.

Re-Focus from Self

"This is a slideshow I made being deeply moved by the 'Lifehouse Skits' posted here, on Godtube and many other video-hosting sites. Sometimes, when we fail, we ignore God's helping hand and instead seek these things, unknown to the fact that they bring us down even lower. We fall to them, we get attached to them and ultimately, get destroyed by them. Only God's unfailing love can wash us from these sins and inspire us to move on. Only in God's presence can we find true joy, peace and everlasting love."

Q: What are some ways to re-direct this "focus"?

Getting out of self-focus, from Goodnewseverybodycom's Weblog

Get a bigger perspective in life

I had the opportunity to visit my parents homeland of the Philippines. When I was there I witnessed hardworking young men in the hot tropical sun working sun-up to sun-down. They were drying the wet corn in one side of the dirt road for miles and leave it throughout the whole day until the sun starts to set when they started to shovel it into bags. I never knew what they did all this for, but they really busted their butts! I worked at Taco Bell for 4+ years and the group home about close to more than the same span of time as of today-Thursday, February 12, 2004. Yes, I do have days where I think about (like today) looking for another job (just worked a 10p-6a shift awake and had to continue working since I couldn't be relieved this morning due to the weather. A co-worker wasn't able to shovel his way out in the farm since the snow drifts blocked him last night). As I'm writing this, I really have second thoughts about looking at another job because I should be thankful about earning a more than a decent wage compared to those young hard-working men in the Philippines.

We at times need to take a break from our daily life routine and take a vacation. That is why Jesus and Moses before Him from the perspective of the Bible time-line, continued to stress the need of rest or acknowledging the Sabbath. We can easily get burned out or narrow minded of what we are doing if we don't take a break. Not just a job, but anything we do: (church/ministry-visit another church to see what God is doing there and then go back to your local church to see what God can use you differently then before or to be more thankful; The number one advice when we do this is to not lose focus on our shepherd-Jesus, which I try to do with my continued personal walking tips (reading the Word, fellowshipping with other believers, or in prayer)

Other words that come with self-
-ambition: personal desires
-pity: feeling sorry for one self


"But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not looks at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."-1 Samuel 16:7

Distorted perception of beauty

Distorted perception of beauty from madglaz on GodTube.

*see campaign for real

"Real beauty is from the inside! No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted! Mayby we should look to each other like God does... look to the heart instead to the outside appearence... Many women (and men) look to members of the opposide sex with this 'world-view'. Be renewed and stop looking like that! Don't value yourself at how many guys are gazing at you!! Stop wanted being loved by the world, and start wanted being loved by God! "

In the news lately (11.25.03), the media has been focussing on Michael Jackson's current child molestation accusations. Also, they've been showing pictures of MJ from the past to present as his image has changed dramatically. I don't know what's behind his image change (skin disorder, low self-esteem, entertainment industry, etc...). But, he's in an example of the many people out there that have a low self-esteem on their self-image.

I used to suffer a low self-esteem on my self-image (e.g. racism experience) I believed what people said to me (e.g. big nose, big eyes, skinnny, chubby, chicken legs, etc...). I was displeased about my looks-especially growing-up during my adolescent years. There were a lot of peer pressure from classmates on trying to look "cool"-just to feel belong!

It was in college when I started to have a higher self-esteem on my self-image. It was more than I was just growing-up, but I attribute it to my founding relationship with the one who created me-Heavenly Father!

Body Image Statistics in this Eye Opening Video

Body Image Statistics in this Eye Opening Video from findyourtruebeauty on GodTube.

Posted "Byfindyourtruebeauty5 years ago 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 talk about honoring God with our bodies. Check out this video on self esteem with body image statistics. So many young girls and women struggle in this area. I designed this video for my website and talk that I give to teen girls. Both are designed to help girls find their true beauty!

Amy - True Self Esteem - Must Watch!, from
"Amy - True Self Esteem - Must Watch! Send this on to someone you really love and think is beautiful. I know this doesn't have anything to do with animals but I loved this soooooooo much!!!!"

"12We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise."-2 Corinthians 10:12

"How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are doves."-Songs 1:15

Created in "His" Own Image
(Sunday, April 25th 2010)
""Don't let anyone (e.g. society) determine who your are, but the One who created you through what He says (e.g. Bible) "...(my lesson theme I taught on in Sunday School this morning)."

I'm currently preparing to teach Sunday School this morning at my local church (Morris, MN) on "God Created People". I decided to add to this particular topic site because many in our "t.v.-pc" society struggle with "self-image". When I became a Christian in college, my eyes started to "open-up" about "feeling better about myself" (e.g. higher self-esteem knowing I was created by a beautiful "Creator" in "His" own image!-Genesis 1:27)...

"3 When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,

4 what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?

5 You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings [c] and crowned him with glory and honor.

6 You made him ruler over the works of your hands; you put everything under his feet:

7 all flocks and herds, and the beasts of the field,..."-Psalm 8

As I learned that "we" were created in "His" own image, I've learned to appreciated who I am. I started to take care of my physical health more (Romans 12) as I learned we are a "temple of God". Sin has caused our "bodies" to detiriate through lies of the evil one (e.g. "you are not good enough", "you are so ugly", etc..) when we start believing (e.g. start drinking, overeating/binge eating, drugs, alcohol, etc..) the lies through people around us over the years. As I read more of His Word, I've learned that we are "created" beautifully and it made me want to return to that (ever notice that children are very beautiful, but as they get older some get "caught up with the "wordly" standards and their bodies start messing-up?) ...

"And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect[a] the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit..."-2 Corinthians 3

As a Christian for over 14 (since Spring of 1996), I've been "trying" to become more "Christ-like". It aint easy as I've struggled and believed the evil one's lies at times; however, I've learned to "come back" to His Word knowing the "Truth"!

Below is the "memory verse" from this particular lesson I'll be sharing this morning at Sunday School (a.k.a. "Super Church")...

"4For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 5because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer. "-1 Timothy 4:4

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Anorexia, Bulimia, and other Eating Disorders

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them"-Genesis 1:27

1 out of 10 females in college suffer from this problem, which I learned when I was trained to be a Residential Advisor at UMM in 1997-1998. I decided to re"search" more on this after chatting with a co-worker of mine on this serious "sad" issue.


  • Freed from Bulimia , Anorexia and Suicidal Tendencies, rom
  • Freedom from Bulimia, from breadsite
  • Free of Bulimia
  • Dia's Testimony - Delivered from eating disorder and bad self-image

    Saved from Drugs, Eating Disorders and Cutting -

    *see adoption
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    *see Youth

    BarlowGirl speak out about Eating Disorders

    "Rebecca from BarlowGirl once struggled with eating disorders. Isaiah 62 helped her through that time and showed her that she was 'beloved'."
    testimony of Becca Barlow before Barlowgirl performs Sing Me A Lovesong

    -Eating Disorders


  • 4 Ways to Understand the Causes of Anorexia,

  • "1. Cultural Norms
    Is America's obsession with appearance and thinness driving woman and teens to literally starve themselves to death? Hollywood, the fashion industry and glossy women's magazines often promote an unattainable ideal of thinness and beauty. As reported by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), The statistics are staggering:
    Over 81% of 10-year-old girls are worried about being overweight.
    Over 50% of female teenagers attempt to control their weight using unhealthy methods, through use of laxatives, fasting, smoking and vomiting.
    A typical fashion model weighs 117 pounds and is 5'11"; the typical American female weighs 140 pounds and is 5' 4".
    The current research indicates that eating disorders predominately affect women from industrialized nations. More funding is needed to study women from emerging countries.....
    4. Weighing Psychological Factors
    On the surface, anorexia might appear to be all about food, calorie counting and weight control. However, those behaviors are merely signs of underlying issues. People with anorexia feel out of control in other areas of their lives. Controlling food intake makes them feel powerful. Instead of dealing with painful emotions or a traumatic situation, they bury their feelings and use food as a coping mechanism.
    Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are common feelings with anorexia. Some women with anorexia report a history of physical and or sexual abuse; however, that is not the norm. Some females appear to come from the "perfect family," without any abuse episodes, control issues or dysfunctional family problems.

    *see LA: Psychology-Psychiatrist, Behavior, Counseling, Mentally, Mind-Control, etc..etc...

  • Healing Anorexia, from Christian Walk Life
  • Eating Disorders, from

  • Eating Disorders

  • "..Up to 70 million people world wide struggle with an eating disorder...


    Anorexia's Living Face (CBS News) , from
    "Isabelle Caro is the face behind a poignant Italian ad campaign that depicts anorexia in its truest form, one that has shocked the fashion industry. Sheila MacVicar reports. ("

  • Anorexia causes Death of French Model Isabella Caro December 30th, 2010

  • "Mostly famous because of her appearance in a campaign against anorexia, French model Isabella Caro died at only 28 after a life-long struggle against anorexia. Although she died on November 17th her death was only made public a few days ago by her acting instructor Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot. Isabella Caro’s naked image in the 2007 campaign against anorexia shocked the world.
    The shocking photo was made by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani and was the main piece in the ‘’No anorexia ‘’ campaign. The campaign mainly aimed to show the world what the fashion industry and the designers’ demand for skinny models can lead to and how severe are the consequences of anorexia.
    Isabella Caro shared her life story in an interview. Her confessions were shocking. She confessed that she had been suffering from anorexia since she was 13. At her worst she weighted 59 pounds which is the equivalent of 27 kilograms. When she first started modeling she was 86 pounds. It was then when a fashion designer told her that if she wanted to be a successful model she had to lose weight. The ordeal then began and she wasn’t able to escape anorexia for the whole period of her life.
    In 2008 she published a book called ," The Little Girl Who Didn’t Want to Get Fat", which presented her life story and her suffering during the years. She was also part of Jessica Simpson’s TV documentary " The Price of Beauty" where she impressed audiences world-wide with her sad life story. Now at only 28, Isabella Caro died leaving behind a warning for the fashion industry all over the world."

    "When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God."-Genesis 5

    What I've been doing?

    Today (February 2007), I feel better about myself-particularly knowing Who my Creator is and that He created me beautiful in His image. I do my best to live a healthy-balanced life to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Now that I feel good about myself, which is something I'll keep growing; I want to help others feel the same way. It's like that song from my favorite 80's music artist...

    michael jackson "Man in the Mirror"

    -from "Man in the Mirror" (azlyrics) by Michael Jackson

    "I'm Gonna Make A Change, For Once In My Life It's Gonna Feel Real Good, Gonna Make A Difference Gonna Make It Right . . .

    As I, Turn Up The Collar On My Favourite Winter Coat This Wind Is Blowin' My Mind I See The Kids In The Street, With Not Enough To Eat Who Am I, To Be Blind? Pretending Not To See Their Needs A Summer's Disregard, A Broken Bottle Top And A One Man's Soul They Follow Each Other On The Wind Ya' Know 'Cause They Got Nowhere To Go That's Why I Want You To Know

    I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place (If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place) Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change (Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change) (Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Nah)

    I've Been A Victim Of A Selfish Kind Of Love It's Time That I Realize That There Are Some With No Home, Not A Nickel To Loan Could It Be Really Me, Pretending That They're Not Alone?

    A Willow Deeply Scarred, Somebody's Broken Heart And A Washed-Out Dream (Washed-Out Dream) They Follow The Pattern Of The Wind, Ya' See Cause They Got No Place To Be That's Why I'm Starting With Me (Starting With Me!)

    I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror (Ooh!) I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways (Ooh!) And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place (If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place) Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change (Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change)

    I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror (Ooh!) I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways (Change His Ways-Ooh!) And No Message Could've Been Any Clearer If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place (If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place) Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make That . . . (Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make That . . .) Change!

    I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror, (Man In The Mirror-Oh Yeah!) I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways (Better Change!) No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer (If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place) (Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make The Change) (You Gotta Get It Right, While You Got The Time) ('Cause When You Close Your Heart) You Can't Close Your . . .Your Mind! (Then You Close Your . . . Mind!) That Man, That Man, That Man, That Man With That Man In The Mirror (Man In The Mirror, Oh Yeah!) That Man, That Man, That Man I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways (Better Change!) You Know . . .That Man No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place (If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place) Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change (Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change) Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Nah (Oh Yeah!) Gonna Feel Real Good Now! Yeah Yeah! Yeah Yeah! Yeah Yeah! Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Nah (Ooooh . . .) Oh No, No No . . . I'm Gonna Make A Change It's Gonna Feel Real Good! Come On! (Change . . .) Just Lift Yourself You Know You've Got To Stop It. Yourself! (Yeah!-Make That Change!) I've Got To Make That Change, Today! Hoo! (Man In The Mirror) You Got To You Got To Not Let Yourself . . . Brother . . . Hoo! (Yeah!-Make That Change!) You Know-I've Got To Get That Man, That Man . . . (Man In The Mirror) You've Got To You've Got To Move! Come On! Come On! You Got To . . . Stand Up! Stand Up! Stand Up! (Yeah-Make That Change) Stand Up And Lift Yourself, Now! (Man In The Mirror) Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Aaow! (Yeah-Make That Change) Gonna Make That Change . . . Come On! (Man In The Mirror) You Know It! You Know It! You Know It! You Know . . . (Change . . .) Make That Change.

    Self-Conscious about yourself?

    I was listening to the radio (Friday, January 23rd 09') and heard this great message....

    Breaking Through Life's Biggest Barriers
    -How to Overcome Inferiority and Low Self-Image

    Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror to see how you look? When you look at a group picture that you are in, do you first look at yourself? Just remember, you are unique and God made you "different" from the 6+ billion people in the world. Don't ever let anyone tell you are not what God says about you...

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  • " Breaking through Life's Biggest Barriers - How to Overcome Inferiority and Low Self-Esteem, Part 1 Friday, January 23, 2009 4:00 AM
    Do you like who you are? Or do you wish you could be someone else, or look like someone else. If you are struggling with a growing sense of inferiority, then tune in to Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram today. Chip continues his series, "Breaking Through Life's Biggest Barriers" today with a message he calls, "How to Overcome Inferiority and a Low Self-Esteem."

    ""For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."-Psalm 139:13

    Identity in Christ

    "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them...-Genesis 1:27

  • Who Am In Christ?,

  • " All bible verses (quotes) quoted in NIV
    I am accepted...

    John 1:12 I am God's child. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God
    John 15:15 As a disciple, I am a friend of Jesus Christ. I no longer call you servants, because aservant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called youfriends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.
    Ephesians 1:3-8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.

    *see Christian Life-Peace, Joy, Love, Faith, Forgiveness, Persecution-Suffering, etc...

    *see Bible

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    Andrew Zimmerman Part II Interview

    *see Social Issues: Alcohol(ism), Alcoholic, Drinking, Intoxicated, Liquor, etc...

  • Andrew Zimmern Discusses His Druggie, Homeless Past Tuesday, July 27, 2010, by Paula Forbes

  • "Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern is going to be profiled on Nightline tonight (barring breaking news, etc.), and apparently he discusses his history of drug abuse with host John Berman in pretty graphic detail. Zimmern has discussed his addictions in the book Second Chances: Top Executives Share Their Stories of Addiction and Recovery by Gary Stromberg, but this interview reveals a period of his life in which he was squatting in abandoned buildings in lower Manhattan and stealing purses to support his habit. In his words, he was "the guy you crossed the street to avoid if you walked by me in New York." The folks at Nightline sent us a partial transcript, below.
    Berman: It was a serious drug problem?
    Zimmern: Oh very serious. Yeah – hard drug addict, alcoholic, la package totale.
    Berman: So, we’re not talking about like dabbling in drugs?
    Zimmern: Oh, no no no we’re talking about – let me see if I can paint the picture for you: I lived in an abandoned building in lower Manhattan; one that we squatted – a bottle gang and I. I would steal purses off the backs of chairs in those swanky little cafes on Madison Avenue, run down the side street, leap the wall at Central Park and 5th Avenue, get on the subway, go down to the lower east side and sell the credit cards and passports that were in the purses for money to support my drug and alcohol habit. And then go to sleep at night on a pile of dirty clothes in this abandoned building and I sprinkled a bottle of Comet Cleanser around so the rats and roaches wouldn't cross over at night so I could pass out in some peace and quiet and that's what I thought was normal. That's how I lived for a year – no showering, I was the guy you crossed the street to avoid if you walked by me in New York.
    Berman: It’s amazing. I mean, looking at you now, you look like my Uncle Murray. But it was that bad?
    Zimmern: It was worse than that. I’d rather not scare you too much but you’re living the life where you are constantly beat up, abused, abusing other people, doing something horrifically shameful and tawdry things that crater your soul – you give away pieces of yourself that you swear you would never do. You know, I swore I would never talk to you like this and then reach into your jacket and take your wallet and those are the things that you do when you are being driven by the insanity and the compulsion of alcohol and drug addiction.
    Berman: How much of a role in your life does that period now play?
    Zimmern: The largest. I don’t know how to phrase it any other way. Any decision that I make, anything that I do, every single consideration of my day goes through the prism of what my former experience has been. And I have a life based on completely different principles now and I try to stick with those. I think it has been the secret to my success....



    ""But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not looks at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."-1 Samuel 16:7

    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}



    Nikki Richter's Testimony

    Nikki Richter's Testimony from Life Church on Vimeo.

    *referred by my FB friend (Sheila K.) this evening (Monday, March 28th 2011)



    God Made You Special Live! (Trailer)

    "FINALLY! VEGGIETALES IS ON STAGE!!!!! Coming to a church or theater near you! GOD MADE YOU SPECIAL AND HE LOVES YOU VERY MUCH! "
    I had the opportunity to see this live concert with my niece, older sister, and mom this past weekend (Saturday, October 18th of 2008). Yes, God made each of us unique and special. We sometimes feel like an outside because we don't "fit" with the group. However, we need to constantly remind ourselves we were created unique and different.
    'God Made You Special' Trailer 207352, from

    God Made You Special - [1/8]

    God Made You Special - [6/8]


    lizzie velasquez: Girl Must Eat Every 15 Minutes - Inspirational Story

    " Uploaded on Jun 28, 2010
    Lizzie Velasquez is an Austin, Texas girl who must eat every 15 minutes to stay alive. Her photo would give the impression that she is anorexic, but she's not. In fact, her medical condition is a mystery. She is unable to gain weight or store fat in her body.
    Lizzie Velasquez, 21-years-old, stands 4 foot 2 inches tall and weighs just 60-pounds. She wears a size triple zero clothes even though she eats between 5,000 and 8,000 calories every day. Her body does not store fat so she has to eat that much, at least every 15 minutes, just to stay alive and healthy. She says she weights herself constantly and is ecstatic if she's gained even a fraction of a pound.
    When she was born she weighted just 2 pounds, 10 ounces and had very little amniotic fluid protecting her in her mother's womb. Her skin was translucent and her parents, Guadeloupe and Rita Velasquez had to dress her in doll clothes. Her mother said that doctors had no idea how she survived. She has been part of genetic studies and fascinated scientists throughout her life.
    You can read about her at her website. "

    -Plastic Surgery

  • Fake doctor puts cement in woman's buttocks 3:57 PM, Nov 19, 2011

  • " MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (CNN) -- A Miami Gardens man was arrested Friday, accused of injecting a substance containing cement, a tire sealant and other substances into a woman's buttocks.
    Miami Gardens police said that in May, a woman who wanted buttock injections for her appearance went to a Miami Gardens home for the procedure.
    "They agree on a price of $700 for him to enhance her buttocks," said Miami Gardens police Sgt. Bill Bamford.
    Police said Oneal Ron Morris, 30, injected a substance consisting of cement, Fix-A-Flat, mineral oil and superglue into the woman's buttocks and then sealed the incision with superglue.
    "I think it's crazy," Bamford said. "Most definitely life-threatening."
    Police said Morris is not a doctor. The patient ended up developing medical issues and went to two South Florida hospitals. She eventually drove to Tampa General, where she was treated for pain, pneumonia and a MRSA infection.
    "That cocktail had serious complications and serious effects on this young lady," Bamford said.
    Police arrested Morris in Fort Lauderdale on charges of practicing without a license and causing bodily harm.
    "If you're going to have medical procedures done, find a licensed physician, go to a licensed facility and get the proper medical treatment," Bamford said. "


    Enjoy who God made you to be

    "Just be who you are... Enjoy who God made you to be."



    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."-Eleanor Roosevelt

    > Quotes

    *heard this on KTIS 98.5FM (Minnesota) on Sunday, November 19th 2011



    The Bourne Identity (Trailer)

    The Bourne Supremacy (Trailer)

    The Bourne Ultimatum - Theatrical Trailer

    *I just saw the 1st and 2nd of this triology series the past 2 months (Wednesday, March 23rd 2011) and it reminds me of how we all are searching-struggling to find our "identity" in life. I found mine in 1996 (see personal story) and continue to refine that search, how about you?


  • Cars, a Disney Pixar film (2006)

  • *saw this recently (Tuesday, Nov 7th of 2006) with friends (Jeff and Cory). It had a good "moral" or "life-lesson" story about many life issues (e.g. pride and the need for humility; greed and to be contented of what you have; friendship; small-town community)-awesome!



    Tenth Avenue North - You Are More

    "Music video by Tenth Avenue North performing You Are More. (C) 2010 Provident Label Group LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment"

    Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful

    "Full Lyrics:

    You are so beautiful to me
    You are so beautiful to me
    Can't you see
    Your everything I hoped for
    Your everything I need
    You are so beautiful to me

    Such joy and happiness you bring
    Such joy and happiness you bring
    Like a dream
    A guiding light that shines in the night
    Heavens gift to me
    You are so beautiful to me"

    "I Love My Lips

    *love what God has given you


    The solution to low self esteem

    "Sermon clip from New Life Community Church The solution to low self esteem How does God see you?"


  • The plastic surgery a model needs to look like Barbie, * by Piper Weiss, Shine Staff, 7 hours 20 minutes ago (Friday, October 14th 2011)

  • "We know that Barbie’s body is anatomically impossible. So why are we still trying for it?
    Every day a new plastic surgery promise emerges: scooped-out backs, rear-end lifts, sculpted kneecaps. If it’s possible, it’s suddenly necessary.
    But what exactly would you have to go through to get the 'perfect' Barbie body? In the latest issue of O Magazine, model Katie Halchishick becomes the human diagram. Posing for photographer Matthew Rolston, her glamorous, Marilyn Monroe-type features are surgically outlined according to Barbie's proportions.
    Here’s a breakdown of what she'd need done to be the kind of doll women aspire to: a brow lift, a jaw line shave, rhinoplasty, a cheek and neck reduction, a chin implant, scooped-out shoulders, a breast lift, liposuction on her arms, and tummy tuck, which would also have to be sculpted as if it were lined in whale-bone from the inside. And that’s just the half of her.
    Halchishick doesn’t actually need or want any of these procedures. She’s proving a point: just because our distorted image of how a body should be is medically attainable, that doesn’t mean it should be attained.
    And if you doubt that anyone actually wants to look like Barbie, meet Cindy Jackson, a 55-year-old woman who’s had 52 cosmetic surgeries to look like her plastic idol."This is the way I should look,” Jackson told Good Morning America. "It's evolution. It's medical progress." There's also 10-in-one-day record-holder Heidi Montag, and a revolving door of on-screen personalities who look more like each other and less like human beings by the day.
    Not everyone would call that progress. “The number one wish for all teenage girls is to be thinner,” said Halchishick, a former Ford Model who now mentors high school students about body image issues. “They think what makes a girl beautiful is skinny with big boobs, perfect hair, perfect make-up.”
    Last year a total of 13.1 million body parts were surgically altered. Five percent of patients were under the age of 20.
    Halchishick, who co-founded the website Healthy is the New Skinny, doesn't place all the blame on surgery or a pint-sized rubber and plastic doll. She believes change has to start in schools, as well as in the fashion industry. "Girls want to know how to lose weight so badly, and the schools don’t want to talk about it, because they’re worried they’ll develop a complex,” she told The Gloss in March. “There need to be models to show [girls] to wish for more." She now heads up her own modeling agency for women with natural figures. She' s also campaigned to get plus-sized designers into New York Fashion Week. But her spread in O magazine, the first nude pictorial they’ve ever featured, has been the most buzz-worthy.
    Accompanied by an essay by writer Amy Bloom, the photograph is intended to make women rethink their body image ideals. But it hasn't had that effect on everyone. When one 15-year-old girl saw this photo of Halchishick, her first thought was of her own imperfection, according to a blogger for Healthy is the New Skinny. “I thought if a girl as pretty as that has to change so much to be perfect, it made me wonder how much more I’d have to change.” "

    "10For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."-Ephesians 2:10



    -Physically Challenged

    Nick Vujicic: Life without Limbs


    Humanitarian Work

    "...3Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. 4Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others...14Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God ...-Philippians 2


    part 1

    *see GoodnewsEverybody Issues: Sinful, Rebellion, Wrong, Guilt, Temptation, etc...


  • Susan Boyle gets her makeover: Do you love it or hate it? BY Lauren Johnston DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Friday, April 24th 2009, 9:25 AM

  • "Don't recognize that stylish brunette?
    It's none other than Susan Boyle – the breakout star of "Britain's Got Talent" who has been dubbed a "hairy angel" by the British press for her formerly frizzy and gray-streaked cloud of hair. ...
    The producers at "Britain's Got Talent" are "frantic" over the changes, according to the British Daily Mail.
    They apparently hoped she would maintain her unpolished appearance for the program's live finals as Boyle's dowdy looks paired with her angelic voice seem to be the secret ingredient to her astronomical success.
    Fans and media alike have buzzed over whether the frumpy "everywoman" with the huge voice should pay a bit more attention to personal grooming.
    The surprise star, 47, had vowed in several interviews to stay true to her "plain Jane" looks adding, "I wouldn't want to change myself too much because that would really make things a bit false. I want to receive people as the real me, a real person," in an interview with CNN last week.
    Amanda Holden, one of three judges on the reality show that catapulted Boyle to international fame, has said the Scottish songbird should stick to her look if she hopes to maintain mass appeal.
    "She needs to stay exactly as she is because that's the reason we love her. She just looks like anybody who could live on your street," Holden said in an interview with the Daily Mail.
    "The minute we turn her into a glamourpuss is when it's spoilt," she said. "

    *see European: United Kingdom-England-British Outreach
    Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle's makeover

    "Susan Boyle admits she needs a new look after seeing herself on Britain's Got Talent."


    Ask the Lord for one of the "fruits of the Spirit"
    -Joy & Purpose
    (Galatians 5)

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