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Issues: Smoking

"Smoking is so give you bad breath" is part of a song that I remember growing-up when I was watching some anti-smoking campaign ad. Fortunately, I never smoked as I was educated enough to not touch one. It was in 6th grade when a former smoker came to share about his experiences. He stopped smoking after a hole was drilled in his throat becuase his mouth couldn't take it anymore! He had a voice box to speak, which got my attention-unfortunately, not all my peers as some continued to smoke.

A Truthful Cigarette Commercial.
"A truthful cigarette commercial that has a comical, yet truthful message about the dangers of smoking."

Why do people smoke?

Again, I'm not an expert, but my personal view are many co-factors:

-heredity: parents or family member influence
-peer pressure

Every individual starts to smoke for various reasons, and it'll take an individual to stop with their own individual way and time.

Why Stop Smoking?

I remember going to high school with a friend, and he would smoke so much going to school that I came home stinking. The drive was only 5 minutes, but my clothes would smell all day. That was one of many situations that I somehow couldn't stand-up for myself against my will-smell goood. Also, I was a second-hand smoker, which affects my health too!

More reasons....

  • Smoking Facts, from national institute of health
  • Tips to Stop!

    I've met people who have tried to quit and they end up going back to this bad habit again.

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  • Second Hand Smoking Effects Me and Others!

    I have been a second hand smoker since hight school. A friend of mine that drove me to school would always smoke in the car (cold days too)..

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  • Commercials

    CDC: Tips from Former Smokers -- Terrie's Story

    CDC: Tips from Former Smokers -- Terrie's Story

    "Published on Jun 3, 2012 Terrie, diagnosed with throat and oral cancer, describes how her addiction to tobacco and cigarettes had her smoking right up to the front door of the hospital the day of her surgery , and what finally made her quit. This video is part of CDC's "Tips From Former Smokers" campaign. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: This video can also be viewed at To learn more about tobacco control and prevention, go to "
    CBS Evening News with ...: CDC sends message with graphic anti-smoking ads

    "Published on Mar 15, 2012 The CDC is using graphic imagery in public service announcements as apart of a new anti-smoking campaign. Dr. Jon LaPook reports. "


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  • Cigarette Suspected in Cruise Ship Fire

  • "MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica (AP) - Fire broke out on a cruise ship in the Caribbean on Thursday, killing a passenger, injuring 11 other people and damaging some 150 cabins before the crew extinguished the flames, officials said."

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